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A Story of Owning Change

Transitioning Towards Test Automation

Read how TEKsystems supported a multinational insurance provider’s automation testing transformation.


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Our client is a market-leading insurance provider, serving over 93 million clients across 51 countries globally.

Transitioning towards test automation

The Challenge:Testing their Patience

Our client’s Hong Kong entity was undergoing multiple changes in their technology landscape. Their architecture was being stabilised, migrating from on-premises servers onto Microsoft Azure cloud. This impacted multiple projects, including their omnichannel platform development, which was pivotal for quality assurance and test automation

Their existing testing process was in a highly primitive state – the test automation framework was not integrated into the development environment, and test scripts were not reusable. There was zero coverage on mobile and API test automation, and a lack of proper documentation further compounded test case failure.

As a result of these inefficiencies, the team was spending a lot of time and effort on manual testing. This was leading to delays in the release cycle and a decline in the quality of the features being released. They needed to find ways to improve the efficiency and coverage of their testing process, while keeping up with tight timelines.

Our client was looking for a strategic partner who could drive their transition from manual to automation testing, from start to finish. Enter TEKsystems.

Our Proposal:Automation Revolution in Full Swing

TEKsystems partnered with key senior stakeholders from our client. Test automation was identified as a vital cog to the solution as it would improve testing accuracy, enhance efficiency, and help to improve compliance. To drive the automation transformation, we deployed a Test Automation Lead who then developed a robust test automation strategy based on the business needs and current state of testing. We created an ROI plan and drove buy-in from key senior management stakeholders to get the ball rolling.

The test automation roadmap was implemented in different phases. This included studying and selecting test automation tools (Cypress and Playwright for web, Appium for mobile, BrowserStack for device cloud, and BlazeMeter for non-functional testing), developing test scripts, and automating the process step-by-step. Post the first successful proof-of-concept implementation, the team was ramped up with additional testing experts.

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Real-world Results

TEKsystems deployed a squad comprising one Test Automation Lead, two Automation Testers, and one Functional Tester to drive our client’s automation testing transformation. We proposed and implemented a five-step strategy:

  • Start with a small pilot project to test the feasibility of test automation
  • Develop a test automation framework that can be used to automate a variety of tests
  • Train staff on how to use the test automation framework
  • Develop and maintain test scripts for a critical set of tests
  • Gradually increase the scope of test automation over time

The initial outcome of our proposed test automation strategy was positive. The team was convinced that test automation could be implemented in the short term. The tools that were selected by the team were successfully onboarded. Despite multiple challenges and direction changes, the project allowed our client to explore and learn more about test automation, highlighting the potential benefits, but also identified the challenges that can be encountered and how to navigate them. This initiative serves as the foundation for our client’s sustained endeavours to automate their testing ecosystem.