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A Story of Owning Change

Migration Made Easy

Driving a major system revamp initiative for a leading insurtech firm with pace and precision.


Year to complete application upgrade

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Our client is a leading health insurance technology provider, offering a wide array of financial management solutions to over 30 million customers worldwide.

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The challenge: Insufficient capacity

Our client’s Hong Kong entity was in the process of upgrading their service application to reduce bugs, increase usage efficiency, and provide a better user experience. However, they lacked the capacity to complete this complex upgrade internally.

TEKsystems was engaged as a strategic partner to support our client on multiple fronts - driving the major UI refactoring initiatives, upgrading their core libraries and server frameworks including containerisation, and executing the revamp/migration.

Our proposal: Right capability, right time

TEKsystems partnered with the client’s Delivery Lead, Engineering Lead, and Solution Architect to understand the existing technical gaps, architecture, timelines, and the required capacity to effectively execute the migration. After scoping the requirements, we then deployed a team of expert agile consultants with solid technical know-how across Frontend, Backend and DevOps. They specifically had expertise in using ReactJS, Angular, NodeJS, NestJS, Typescript and Kubernetes, aligned to the client’s technical stack.

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Real-world Results

As a culmination of the dedicated efforts of our team, we were able to successfully upgrade the UI core libraries, migrate the server, and implement a DevOps practice for our client within a year. Our partnership did not stop there, TEKsystems recognised a number of areas of opportunity and developed several additional features including:

  • Implementing UI testing, successful UI code refactoring, and revamping dashboards using dynamic components.
  • Facilitating the migration to Kubernetes, which enabled the management of container resources from a single control plane, thereby helping in networking, load balancing, security, and scaling.

By demonstrating our specialised capabilities, TEKsystems was requested to support this project for the remainder of the year and given the opportunity to drive technical projects across other organisational verticals.