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A Story of Owning Change

Entertaining Real-Time Data Processing


Breakthrough in the real-time system


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Our client is a leading Fortune 500 mass media and entertainment conglomerate, with over 100 years of history.

Entertaining real time data processing

The Challenge:Real-time Data – A Distant Reality

In a quest to make their business more data-driven and customer-centric, our client embarked on building their own Central Data Processing (CDP) in 2021. However, due to the complexities in their business model, huge volumes of data, and multiple data sources, the external vendor responsible for executing the first phase of development did not deliver satisfactory results, leading to the product functionalities failing to fulfil the business need.

This prompted our client to bring their product development in-house a year later. Their rapid business growth also necessitated real-time data processing capabilities, which was beyond the bandwidth of their existing team. Hence, they were seeking for a partner to deploy top-notch data resources with strong technical knowledge and communication skills, who could optimise their CDP and build a real-time data processing system from scratch.

Quality was non-negotiable. Existing vendors had provided only one candidate in twelve months and deprioritised our client, which left them far from thrilled. Enter TEKsystems, to bring our client’s ambitious data roadmap into fruition. We strived for excellence and settled for nothing less.

Our Proposal:Speed and Quality – The Best of Both Worlds

TEKsystems worked hand-in-hand with our client to understand their core business drivers and resourcing needs. Particular emphasis was placed on understanding the challenges the previous vendor had faced and establishing solutions to deliver a talent and customer experience the exceeded expectations.

Our highly specialised data delivery team worked relentlessly to identify the best of the best data talent that would be the right technical and cultural fit. We deployed seven high-quality data resources within twelve months, but our work did not stop there. We assisted our client to manage resource performance, improve productivity, and ensure retention throughout our engagement.

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Real-world Results

TEKsystems’ consultants played an instrumental role in optimising our client’s CDP Phase I – completing architectural revamp, model reconstruction, data organisation and other critical tasks. Since then, the CDP Phase I has expanded from supporting only two departments (Marketing and e-Commerce) to serving over ten business functions, with the products valued at an estimated 40 million RMB. We also created a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of Phase II.

The time taken to deliver new resources also decreased from eight to four weeks, and over 86% of resources deployed were retained for twelve months or more – a key factor enabling successful project delivery.

TEKsystems left a lasting legacy by building a new real-time data processing system. With this breakthrough, our client can leverage cutting-edge data analytics to fuel their ambition of creating memorable customer experiences.