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Key Points from this Infographic:

The IT Skills Gap Is Real

  • The vast majority of IT leaders (80 percent) and IT professionals (78 percent) believe the IT skills gap is real.
  • Only about one-third of IT leaders (32 percent) and IT professionals (33 percent) believe their organization has the skills in-house to address their needs.

Disagreement on the Reasons for Unfilled Positions

  • Seventy percent of IT leaders view a lack of skills to be the biggest issue when seeking quality candidates, compared to just 25 percent of IT professionals.
  • Professionals cite a mismatch in experience or education (63 percent) much more heavily than IT leaders (20 percent). 

Difficulties and Delays Lead to Organizational Inefficiencies

  • Approximately half of both IT leaders and IT professionals rarely expect to fill a position within the anticipated time frame.

Most Organizations Lack a Strategic Workforce Plan to Address Hiring Challenges

  • While 60 percent of IT leaders believe the skills gap moderately to severely impacts their organization, nearly the same number (63 percent) indicate their organization either lacks or has uncertainty around their strategic workforce planning initiatives.