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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Automation Solutions


A powerhouse of performance

Effective AI requires systematic ideation, piloting and execution. But without a broader vision, can fall short – limiting business impact, ROI and growth. Together, we help you build strong business automation strategies that align with your goals and apply them at scale so you can reduce costs, increase revenue, mitigate risk and improve customer experiences.

In It With You

When it comes to AI, organisations are no longer just scratching the surface – they’re including it upfront in every part of their business scope. Through an enterprise, industry and IT lens, we partner with companies to harness the power of AI automation to drive operational efficiencies and free up employees for more strategic, less manual, work. With AI in one hand and data analytics in the other, we’ll help you:

  • Strategically align AI solutions to business objectives to increase ROI
  • Automate repetitive business processes and scale solutions to improve efficiencies and sustain real business value
  • Build and operationalise predictive and prescriptive insights
  • Reduce and optimise IT support and total cost of ownership

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Our Capabilities

We’re here to help you strategically apply AI to your business problems – from transforming user experiences on next-gen platforms to speeding up business processes and workflows. Our AI expertise spans technology platforms, intelligent process automation, conversational AI, augmented intelligence, machine-learning models, AI automated call centres, humanised virtual agent support, fraud detection, forecast analysis and operational efficiencies – all while working with the brightest technology platform partners in automation.

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AI and Machine-Learning Accelerators

Want to make an impact quickly? We offer prebuilt frameworks and accelerators to swiftly prototype your ideas. We combine natural language processing, image recognition, voice translation, automation tools, machine-learning algorithms, predictive engines and communication frameworks to boost productivity and generate next-level insight. We help customers across a range of industries develop proof-of-concept projects that quickly generate value and measurable ROI.

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TEKsystems.sAIge Proprietary Virtual Agent Platform

Automated self-service and self-heal technologies, like virtual assistants and chatbots, reduce demand while helping your workforce reach peak productivity. Our enterprise-ready AI-based conversational platform – TEKsystems.sAIge – can analyse what users are looking for and communicate through multiple channels, languages and devices. TEKsystems.sAIge can free up your team’s bandwidth by more than 20%.

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Digital Workplace Services

Our digital workplace services solutions increase efficiencies, improve customer experience and help grow your business while reducing total cost of ownership and providing omnichannel support. We’ll strengthen your internal core to innovate, automate and reimagine a workplace services roadmap – placing end-user satisfaction at the centre of every solution we shape. Redefine what it means to deliver superior service on any device, any channel with process automation, mobility and self-help technologies.

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Generative AI

Empower your business with breakthrough technology that changes the landscape in an instant, giving you the chance to carve a new path. Disrupt the status quo. Make your mark and transform your business with advanced generative AI (Gen AI) solutions. We help customers adopt responsible AI solutions with human touch that drive intentional design, reliable accuracy and smarter applications.

Our Approach

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Our Technology Partnerships

In Good Company

We work side by side with you to fully leverage our relationships with the world’s leading technology companies so you can reap the benefits of best-in-class implementation, integration and support – making the most of your technology investments and powering next-gen innovation.

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