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Achieving agility in CX

August 17, 2021

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The pandemic has changed consumer behaviours perhaps permanently and accelerated digital transformation—from facilitating remote work to delivering products and services via contactless experiences.

Brands had to quickly evolve their approach to address these changes and drive growth as they bridged their digital and customer experience strategy. By introducing new services and delivery models to continue reaching customers and meeting their needs.

From improving agility and connecting digital and physical experiences to how data strategy should drive personalisation, what happens now?

Brands must assess the products and services created and strategies implemented during the pandemic and decide what to retain, fine-tune or retire.

Be better, not faster

Apple wasn’t first to market with a smartphone. They did, however, learn from what competitors like BlackBerry delivered, and then improved upon that with a better customer experience.

Orchestrating brand experiences across digital and physical experiences fuels customer delight. Today’s savvy consumer expects a seamless brand experience, regardless of how or where that interaction takes place.

Siloes are killing your CX.

It’s essential to have the right stakeholders seated at the table from the beginning. Too often, there are silos or a perception that the product is owned by a single function. From day one, your team must include expertise from functions such as marketing, product, IT, design and lines of business. Then, you can create a relatively level playing field where each member contributes to the definition, design and delivery of the product based on their area of expertise.

Personalisation is essential.

To drive the personalisation you want, it’s critical to have the right data and an understanding of that data from the very beginning, which sometimes means changing your data strategy. When using data analytics to drive personalised experiences, brands should focus on the totality of the customer journey and pinpoint where on that journey personalisation can deliver the most value.

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