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Data Analytics for UI/UX


Disrupt with data

It takes the latest tools, technology and expertise in data analytics, AI, machine learning and automation for marketers to harness data to better understand their audiences and inspire them to act. Easy, right? But what’s easy is rarely simple. Data and metrics often don’t align to specific business goals. Martech silos prevent big-picture views. Our talent can help you create opportunities for growth by understanding and predicting customer needs.

In It With You

Our specialists can help you achieve clarity across your data and technology, so you can devote time to what’s most important—your customer.

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Active Technical Consultants

Our Capabilities

Our talent find inspiration in data and research. The strategic use of data allows for more personalised digital experiences, robust dashboards and refined testing programmes.

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User Research

Grounded in research, our talent help you explore solutions from the user’s perspective to generate new ideas, evaluate usability and provide segmentation and trend insights.

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Data Strategy

Our data specialists help marketers make sense of their data through KPI and measurement strategy, reporting design and analysis. They’ll help you put your data to work. Think: personalisation, A/B testing and predictive modeling.

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BI and Reporting

Today organisations have access to more data than ever, but to many it’s inaccessible. Our network of talent help bring reporting to life through simplifying data connections and architecture, along with designing dashboards and reporting systems that speak to any audience in the organisation. Smarter, faster decisioning at scale.

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Marketing Optimisation

In an ever-changing world, marketers need strategies focused on continuous, insight-driven improvement. Our specialists help define KPIs, align campaigns and tactics and integrate advanced optimisation techniques like personalisation, precise ABM targeting, SEO and A/B testing.

Our Approach

How We Do It

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Scalable Solutions

Customised solutions and delivery models to meet your talent needs.

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Specialised Skill Areas

Hyperlocal connections to top-tier talent across skill sets, markets and industries.

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Talent Experience

When it comes to talent experience, it's the little things that make a big impact.

Our Insights

Thinking Forward

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