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Internet of Things

Connect and conquer

Connected devices are the future of product engineering, from air conditioners to cars to refrigerators. But the complexity of integrating devices, mitigating threats and managing data demands a clear vision.

Do you want to connect your products in the field? Or mine actionable insights about your product and asset usage? We can help, partnering with you from design to proof-of-concept through execution and support. Together, we’ll connect the world with your business.

What We Do

Device Integration

We’re experts in building bridges from devices to applications, so you can astonish with new efficiencies. We can help you integrate devices, connect them to management consoles and build custom APIs. Let’s put your vision in motion.

Data Collection and Management

Collecting data is the first step in a long journey to business value. And we’re experts in collecting streaming data at the scale of connected devices. We can help you gain insight through your full data ecosystem, from data management to edge and predictive analytics. Our capabilities include transporting, storing, standardizing and analyzing your data. Let us help you accelerate action.


Protecting your business means protecting your data and devices from breaches. And when everything is connected, you’re more vulnerable. We bring comprehensive risk and security expertise to each engagement to help you manage your devices securely, so you can deliver innovation with confidence.

Connected Opportunities

IoT is positioned to transform organizations and raise a new vision of growth. We’re using it to solve real-world challenges, like digitally revolutionizing the manufacturing industry for streamlined efficiency and operational visibility.

Solutions That Scale

Advising to outsourcing to talent. Our delivery isn’t off-the-shelf, it’s unique to you.

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