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Livestreaming Leveled-Up

A Story of Owning Change

An over-the-top streaming service optimizes their media supply chain through AWS to prepare for their next wave of paid subscriber growth.

Improved user experience for paid subscribers

Increased number of live events supported

Improved video start time across connected devices

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Owning Change in Streaming

Our customer, an independent streaming service, had been experiencing a period of rapid growth. To ensure they were consistently delivering a stellar viewing experience to their millions of paid subscribers, they wanted to completely reimagine their video management process.

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The Challenge: We’ll be Right Back

Elevating User Experience by Eliminating Playback Errors

Performance is key to a quality streaming experience that keeps customers coming back. If a subscriber has faith in your ability to deliver the content they’re looking for, you’ve earned their loyalty as a customer. This is especially true for high-demand sporting events where millions of viewers are tuning in from all corners of the globe. No one wants to miss a game-winning kick because their platform crashed at the worst possible moment!

Our customer knew they had room to improve the baseline performance of their application on iOS and Android. But playback service is a complicated process, requiring massive quantities of data to be packaged and moved through the media supply chain from content acquisition to playback. The bulk of the streaming service’s platform is built on AWS, so they sought a partner with a rich understanding of the specialized tools available to help them reimagine their delivery workflow. Enter TEKsystems.

Our Solution: A Flawless Kickoff

Boosting Application Performance With Workflow Orchestration

Utilizing our extensive knowledge as an AWS Partner, we worked hand in hand with our customer’s internal resources to identify potential areas of improvement. The goal was to maximize efficiency, prioritizing automation to ensure a consistent result.

By combining a series of AWS Media Services, we developed a supply chain that would efficiently deliver data. The Amazon AWS Gateway initiates a workflow orchestration that triggers AWS Lambda functions, as well as a set of Amazon EKS-enabled microservices. With the Harmonic platform, the content is transcoded, packaged, segmented and then enriched with metadata properties such as subtitling. Finally, the content is placed in a staging area (S3 buckets, where it is ready to be served / played out to the end consumer through a content delivery network, or CDN (Amazon CloudFront).

Powerful Partnership: Adaptive Bitrate Meets Adaptive Partner

Evolving Together To Prepare for Global Events

With the media industry consolidating toward more globalized platforms, our customer wanted to be prepared for spikes in demand. An upcoming joint venture with another fast-growing streaming service and other such partnerships will bring millions of viewers to their platform, all seeking high-quality coverage of the most anticipated livestreamed events of the year.

To enable their future success, we dug into our site reliability engineering (SRE) toolkit to increase the observability of the streaming platform’s workflow. We leveraged cloud-native logging solutions to enhance transparency performance with future capacity needs in mind.

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Real-World Results

The new workflow orchestration has drastically improved the platform’s performance overall. Video content is packaged and delivered to subscribers faster, which means shorter wait times and happier viewers. Our customer’s monthly active paid subscriber base is now growing consistently month over month, and their churn ratio is net positive.

With a Well-Architected workflow built on best-in-class AWS Media Services, this streaming service is ready to hustle for their platform’s next big touchdown. Paid subscribers can expect an AWSome viewing experience, no matter what they’re tuning in for.

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