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Optimizing Tax Tech in Oracle Cloud

A Story of Owning Change

Global tax compliance solutions provider successfully migrates 40-plus on-premises databases to Oracle Cloud with minimal operational disruption.


databases successfully migrated


months ahead of targeted timeline


saved in projected support costs

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Owning Change in Tax Compliance

At the corner of commerce and compliance, our customer provides business owners with tax solutions that remove friction from the sales process. They saw an opportunity to modernize their data infrastructure by migrating their on-premises databases and applications to Oracle Cloud.

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The Challenge: Moving Global Commerce to The Cloud

Navigating a Complex Oracle Cloud Migration on a Tight Schedule

Our customer’s goal? A complete and total migration from on-premises to Oracle Cloud with minimal operational disruption. The challenge? A high level of complexity posed by the integration of multiple enterprise platforms within their architecture. Each integration assists with a core business function, and all would need to be accounted for in their new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In total, they needed to migrate 44 databases and 10 applications, a list that included:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)
  • Oracle Apex
  • Data Manager Application

Diagrams for each workload would need to be documented and then updated for our customer’s new cloud environment. As an Oracle partner with extensive experience in building custom integrations, TEKsystems was more than qualified to tackle the project.

Our Solution: Test Twice, Migrate Once

Building an Oracle Cloud Migration Plan

Step one: Map the databases. Once all proposed architecture diagrams were approved, we built a comprehensive project timeline. To achieve the goal of minimal disruption, our cloud migration plan included two rounds of testing across both development and test environments before the actual cutover. This greatly reduced the risk for error.

To perform the migration itself, we used Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), Data Pump, Multitenancy and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). Database versions of 11g, 12c, 19c and 21c were successfully moved. We then performed a cross-platform migration of their Oracle EBS from Solaris to Linux, giving them more flexibility with their operating system of record. Our customer’s proprietary suite of tax solution software was then integrated with Oracle REST Data Services to improve its performance within the OCI.

Powerful Partnership: Cross-Team Collaboration

Providing SOP Documentation and Hypercare

The complexity of our customer’s internal infrastructure presented a unique challenge. We connected with every team whose databases and applications would be impacted by the migration, reviewing the project plan and progress sheets with them to address gaps and uncertainties. The number of business-critical integrations with platforms such as Salesforce and Workday presented a high level of complexity. Our role as their technology partner was to do the footwork with each team to ensure our proposed architecture would account for them all.

During the migration, we took great care to document everything and build out standard operating procedures (SOPs) that our customer’s internal resources could use for any future migrations that may be required. Two months of hypercare—a phase of increased service support to smooth over major operational changes—were also allotted post-migration, ensuring the stability of their new environment.

Technology Implemented

  • Oracle Database to Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Applications to Oracle Cloud
  • CSSE: OCI Migration
2 business owners looking at a laptop

Real-World Results

Our extensive preparation and testing made the work go quickly. By migrating all on-premises workloads to our customer’s new, optimized Oracle Cloud environment, we have steered in a new era of enhanced automation, real-time insights and streamlined processes. And by doing it three months ahead of schedule, we have saved them an estimated $1.5 million in potential support costs. The extensive SOP documentation we provided will empower them to perform future migrations independently.

All this keeps our customer on the cutting edge of tax compliance, amplifying their scalability and productivity. By modernizing every facet of their operations, we’ve enhanced their ability to adapt and thrive in a dynamic market environment. They can respond to changes in the business landscape with ease and continue to provide their customers with the latest in tax software solutions.

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