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A Story of Owning Change

Driving a Legacy Application Modernisation

TEKsystems drives a complex application modernisation for a leading technology solutions provider.


Months for UI/UX & code quality enhancement


Implementation of latest deployment architecture


Partner for project delivery

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Our client is a market-leading network, cybersecurity, and software solutions provider serving over 300K customers across 95+ countries worldwide.

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The challenge: Old isn't Always Gold

A business-critical customer-facing application of our client's India entity was built on monolithic architecture and used legacy technologies, which impacted the overall system performance, scalability, and resilience. Their sales teams were particularly affected as the application could not incorporate features to create customer groups, send bulk calendar invites, and have customer service chatbots. With numerous technical glitches, poor user interface, and several processes needing manual inputs, the monolithic application was hindering customer and revenue growth.

To modernise their application, our client had initially onboarded an external vendor. However, the vendor's code quality was unsatisfactory, and they struggled to bring in the required technical expertise, resulting in the non-fulfilment of critical project milestones. This prompted our client to partner with TEKsystems bring their modernisation initiative on track.

Our proposal:Sprinting Towards Modernisation

TEKsystems' Solution Architect and Scrum Master met our client's technical team and key project stakeholders to understand the existing state of the application and identify the gaps. By conducting a thorough assessment and aligning with our client's expectations, we put together a detailed, step-by-step plan to modernise their application within their intended timeframe.

Based on our client's requirements, TEKsystems' technical team, led by our seasoned Solution Architect, designed a tailored solution for the agile development and deployment of their application. Our Scrum Master played a pivotal role in sprint planning and translating the user stories into tangible technical specifications for our development team to execute. Constant communication was a vital cog in our solution to ensure that our client had constant visibility on our team's progress. Once the initial deliverables were completed, our flexible and scalable talent solution enabled our client to expand their original scope of work.

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Real-world Results

During the first month of our engagement, TEKsystems worked in partnership with our client's existing vendor to understand the landscape of the project and facilitated a full technical knowledge transfer. Once this was completed, our team of technical SMEs were able to troubleshoot and resolve the blockers, quickly uplift the code quality, and instil best practice into the team.

Impressed by the technical expertise delivered by TEKsystems, our client offboarded their existing vendor and entrusted us with the responsibility of driving their application modernisation through to the finish line. Through our sustained efforts and innovative solutions to improve system performance, we successfully integrated new features such as chatbots and automated the process of creating groups and sending bulk invites to customers on our client's application within a month's time.

Our team made pivotal contributions to enhance the user interface and overall user experience of our client's application. Within five months, we substantially increased the code quality and developed a highly scalable application embedded with the latest deployment architecture, paving the way for our client’s future success.