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Flying to New Heights through Automation

A Story of Owning Change

Major airline seamlessly integrates legacy systems with cutting-edge platforms to increase efficiency and delight customers.


Hours of downtime saved per year


Days of manual effort saved per year


Weeks of drag reduced in the internal quality process cycle

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Owning Change in Air Travel

Our customer, a large-scale airline, combines innovation with pragmatism. To best serve their customers, they wanted to make sure any platforms they built to support new product lines would integrate with their core systems and processes.

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The Challenge: Clearing Runway

Upgrading Legacy Systems Leveraging DevOps Innovation

The transportation industry relies on multiple systems working together in tandem, and air travel is no exception. When you’re responsible for moving aircraft, cargo and customers on a nationwide scale, the pressure to perform optimally is high. As a major airline, our customer wanted to establish product lines in new markets and stand-up new architecture to increase efficiencies in their business. By automating crucial monitoring and performance testing functions, they could invest the time saved from the reduction in manual process back into new projects.

To avoid unnecessary downtime, it was critical that any new technology they introduced would integrate with their existing legacy systems. They sought a partner well-versed in DevOps transformation, a full-stack services provider with the expertise to help them strategically align their resources for growth and efficiency. Enter TEKsystems.

Our Solution: Engaging the Autopilot

Automated Insights and Real-time Monitoring

Getting these upgrades off the ground required an initial, comprehensive evaluation of the airline’s existing infrastructure and systems. We met with their team to assess their environment and from there built an action plan for implementing any potential upgrades.

Once we mapped out the route to success, our team prepared for takeoff. To best support their environment, we adopted our customer’s culture into a shared risk solution. A combination of on-site and offshore teams worked to:

  • Implement best practices for application development, automation and business process architecture
  • Implement automated scripts to monitor environments and stabilize components
  • Streamline the testing of services in support of infrastructure upgrades
  • Design and construct a next-gen hangar map as a dashboard to provide a real-time view of active services

Powerful Partnership: Staying the Course

Custom Metrics and KPIs

Knowing where you want to go is one thing; knowing how you get there is another. Our customer knew what systems they wanted to optimize, and they leveraged our expertise in Agile transformation methodologies to order their approach.

We prioritized open communication between our team and the major airline’s internal experts, walking them through every step of the transformation process. On top of formal quarterly reviews held with key stakeholders, we regularly used informal touchpoints to allow for course correction. Our emphasis on partnership and transparency produced measurable benefits, including:

  • Completion of performance testing ahead of schedule
  • Exceeding all performance SLAs
  • Reduction of drag on our customer’s internal quality process, shortening the program cycle by as much as three weeks
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Real-World Results

The most valuable benefit of these upgrades to our customer is time. Time they no longer need to spend on inefficient manual processes for infrastructure upgrades, environment monitoring and performance testing. By developing scripts to automate these processes and building out a new hangar map that provided real-time data on active services, our customer will save upwards of 50 days of manual effort per year. We also reduced the time between post-activation confirmations from 90 minutes to 30 minutes.

With these upgraded systems in place, our customer can fly to even greater heights.

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