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Maximize your mobile CX strategy

Use these strategic approaches to maximise your mobile CX

April 21, 2021 | By Burk Buechler

Lady using mobile phone

Brands that can deliver a one-on-one experience at scale cut through the noise. Customer loyalty is earned by brands that establish a connection, cultivate trust and actively listen, seeking to understand the customer and their evolving needs.

It’s not easy. The ability to engage at the individual level—at scale—is a massive undertaking. We previously mentioned the vital role that UX and UI play in shaping a successful CX and how content creation is the fuel in your engine. But how do you truly let users interact and assimilate with the “feel” of your product and connect with your brand’s value proposition? One word: mobile.

Mobile is an important space to prioritise, given the human aspects and emotional connection it engenders, right in your hand. Your users are interacting with brands all day, every day through their phones, and your brand is no exception.

Here are a few strategic approaches to maximising effectiveness of your mobile CX:

Integrate the experiences

It’s no secret: people use their phones all day, every day … for everything. Your consumer is mobile, which means your content needs to be integrated with your web presence to have a consistent brand experience across both channels. Utilising mobile-friendly UX strategies on your website will help to integrate these experiences. Your customer doesn’t start and stop at the edge of your department. Every touchpoint is critical and shapes the brand experience.

A tactical tip: video. Video content is rampant on mobile. Consider reimagining your basic pages, such as About Us and Who We Are, by incorporating videos into the UX design. While every video may not be highly innovative, video content will boost your brand value and customer connection through mobile.

Update your tech stack

If you think about it, software architecture isn’t that different from house architecture. The engineering keeps the house standing, but the design makes the house beautiful. This is the same with your mobile software. Embrace technology and leverage it for what it is: a transformational opportunity. While the capabilities need to provide value, there also must be a pleasing aesthetic. Investing in solid engineering upfront provides the foundation on which multiple remodelling projects can be based, without requiring a complete rebuild to implement a CX in line with the times.

Think like kids

Actively watch—and listen. Note the shift in emphasis from solely mobile applications to a broader concept of mobility.

As a society, we’re interacting with our entire atmosphere around us through a technological filter, such as wearable technology (e.g., earbuds and watches), that requires less typing and more vocal interaction. The ever-evolving processing power in our technologies allows us to utilise AI and augmented reality in a whole new way. Just watch how children utilise their tech gadgets—talking to Alexa or Siri to get what they need.

True mobility extends beyond your phone, and we’re encouraging our clients to consider innovating how commerce is run through their organisation. Your customer is human—and humans are constantly evolving. Watch for behavioural trends, show empathy and evolve your messages accordingly. Ask yourself how mobility could affect your business if your customer base is expecting the cutting-edge.

When mobility comes up in your strategic planning sessions, think outside the bounds of traditional mobile UX and expand scope to an integrated omnichannel CX.

Burk Buechler is the Managing Director of Digital Solutions at TEKsystems. Burk believes in a business-first approach to digital transformation. Digital is at the core of the enterprise and integral in driving business impact. A dynamic leader with over 25 years of experience across industries and sectors, ranging from healthcare and commercial to financial services and retail, Burk brings a distinctive blend of innovation, leadership and problem-solving expertise. Before TEKsystems, he most recently spent 12 years at Dell, leading their entry into digital services worldwide.