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A Story of Owning Change

A 5-Star Customer Loyalty App Rollout

Learn how TEKsystems supported a leading enterprise in launching their customer loyalty programme with ease and expertise.


Years of ongoing partnership


Increase in new user memberships

Customer loyalty app rollout


Our client is a prominent real estate conglomerate, investing in a diverse portfolio of businesses across Hong Kong and China, including property, hotels, infrastructure, and convenience stores.

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The challenge:Everything under one roof

The bigger an organisation, the more complexity in streamlining their day-to-day operations. Each business line under our client’s parent entity in Hong Kong had their own decentralised IT teams that rolled out and maintained their respective customer-facing digital platforms. As a result of the scattered operations, their customers could not identify with one consistent brand.

To improve customer engagement and retention, our client envisioned a group-wide loyalty programme. To achieve this, services and product offerings from multiple business lines needed to be integrated into one mobile app. Easier said than done.

Initially, our client engaged an external vendor to deliver the project. However, the sheer complexity of the requirements led to miscommunication and misalignment among stakeholders. With limited bandwidth, the existing vendor struggled to deliver, and the implementation fell behind schedule.

With the project at a standstill, our client had little time to make up for lost ground. Enter TEKsystems, to overcome the roadblocks, and bring our A-game to accelerate the application development.

Our proposal:Specialised teams of SMEs

By scoping our client’s project requirements and understanding the existing gaps, TEKsystems leveraged our flexible bench of technical consultants to deploy two specialised teams comprising:

  • Technical Business Analysts, responsible for gathering business requirements, aligning expectations with project stakeholders, and proposing feasible solutions to the users.
  • System Analysts, responsible for aligning vendor deliverables with business needs, converting user requirements into technical documentation, and driving project delivery with speed and quality.

Our not-so-secret sauce? The right resources, at the right place, at the right time. When all that comes together, producing the right results is a given.

Customer loyalty app rollout

Real-world Results

TEKsystems’ consultants hit the ground running, bringing expertise and agility to the table. They improved existing processes, streamlined communication, and created frameworks to properly capture and document the requirements. As a result of our relentless efforts, the first version of the mobile app was successfully rolled out on time. Post launch, user engagement went up drastically, with a 30% increase in new user memberships to their loyalty programme.

This initial success paved the way for our client to fully establish their group-wide loyalty programme, geared to be one of the biggest of its kind. To ensure smooth and timely completion, they re-engaged TEKsystems as a strategic partner. We provided additional high-quality resources to ramp up their technical team and manage the delivery of their external vendor.

The result? All phases of the loyalty programme were successfully completed, offering an array of exciting benefits and one-of-a-kind privileges to users. Our legacy? The programme continues to be a springboard for our client’s rapid expansion efforts – helping them increase their market share, boost customer engagement, and stay miles ahead of their competition.