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TEKsystems celebrates as we expand our presence in Sweden

It’s been a tough year to contend with, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find reasons to celebrate, as TEKsystems opens a second office in Stockholm.

September 1, 2020

Building where TEKsystems opens second office in Stockholm

TEKsystems is thrilled to announce that we have opened a second office location in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

This development has been made in response to the growth that the Swedish office has been experiencing over the course of the last few years. In order to continue to grow in the future, however, it had become necessary to evolve the business.

Over the course of 2019, the contract business in the Stockholm office split into two very distinct teams—Financial Services (FS) and Commerce and Industry (C&I)—to focus on specialising within their markets to better service our clients.

The Swedish C&I Contract team, led by Samir Ghaddab, will be moving into the new office space. The Swedish FS Contract team, led by Wiktor Gallardo and the Swedish Permanent team, led by Nancy Boon, will continue to be based in our existing Stockholm office.

Axel Ödman, Director of Business Operations, will continue to be responsible for our Swedish business and will work with both offices to ensure they continue to collaborate with each other, retaining the great culture our Swedish team is renowned for.

"The move into a second office is part of our strategy to specialise further in our local markets," says Axel.

"And we have done so by aligning our teams by industry which, in the current climate, is crucial to allowing us to really understand and work closely with our customers." Separating out the two specialisms means that customers will have the opportunity to interact with not only a team which is specialised in providing talent solutions and services in IT, but also a team that will have an in-depth knowledge about the market.

"It will also ensure we have the right network of talent for the specific industry that our clients are operating within," says Axel.

"Our aim is to ensure we bring great value to our customers."

Despite the setbacks and distress that the pandemic has caused, in true TEKsystems spirit, the team was determined that it would not be a barrier to moving ahead with plans to open the second office in Stockholm.

Axel says that the majority of the work on their plans to expand their presence in Stockholm happened before the pandemic had been officially declared and they felt confident to push through to the final stage of moving the C&I team to their own office.

"In a time like this it’s important to stick to your long-term plans. We have great confidence in the team and our people have been amazing in the way they have been dealing with all the challenges they have faced considering the pandemic. In fact, we have experienced growth in parts of the business which is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our people."

When asked how the team has been responding to the new arrangement, Axel is full of praise: "We made sure that our teams were able to influence the direction we were taking the business when we started this journey.

"By having everyone on board and helping to drive positive change means we have avoided a lot of uncertainty or concerns. Of course, change comes with challenges, but our people have been amazing and have shown great confidence, trust and positivity during this period."

And finally, how is Axel feeling about these changes?

"I couldn’t feel prouder of the teams in Stockholm! I truly believe in this strategy to specialise in order to continue to bring great service and value to our customers. Being able to do that and at the same time create new opportunities for our people feels like a great win. I am grateful to work for TEKsystems and Allegis Group, where, even in the most challenging of times they remain committed to their customers and people."