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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Tech: 2024 Report

Creating Inclusive Workplace Opportunities for All

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Attracting talent, optimising productivity, increasing retention and fostering an inclusive work culture are equally critical to achieving sustainable growth in any organisation. Our 2024 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in IT report aims to shed light on the strategies, challenges and successes of the workplace that reflects and celebrates the richness of human diversity.

Overall, experiences with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) collected from the accounts of IT employees highlight the complexities of DEI initiatives in the workplace. It’s evident that while many see the value and importance of these programmes, implementing them in a way that feels inclusive and effective for everyone – and clearly communicating those benefits to employees – remains a challenge for many organisations.

2024 Report Highlights

Organisations are making positive strides toward creating more inclusive and equitable workplaces.

  • 57% of organisations have mature/advanced DEI programmes in place, up from 46% in 2023.
  • 95% of employees say leadership makes it clear that DEI is critical to company strategy.

The report also found that opportunity still exists to improve inclusion within the work environment and the workplace experience for women in IT.

  • 49% say DEI programmes have positively affected their career.
  • 54% are satisfied with the availability of mentorship programmes.
  • 61% are satisfied with their company’s pay equity policy.

TEKsystems Recommendations for Implementing a Successful DEI Strategy

Work from where you are. When you first start out, the task can be overwhelming. You can start by focusing on workplace diversity and equality. Recruit and retain people of diverse backgrounds and experiences and, most importantly, set goals for increased representation across various demographics.

Cultivate the right mindset. Enroll a diverse group of stakeholders in decision-making, fostering open dialogue among all employees about their priorities and creating an inclusive workplace

Evaluate processes. Examine and dismantle unintentional processes and norms that may hinder equitable access to opportunities within your diversity, equity and inclusion strategies.

Secure senior leader support. Ensure sustained commitment by securing support from senior leaders. Diversity, equity and inclusion should rank as top priorities, treated on par with other strategic business imperatives.

Extend beyond the organisation. Align with external partners who share your vision of workplace equality and diversity in tech, actively involving your team in community engagement to contribute to a positive culture.

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