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TEKsystems Hosts TEKtalk for Contractors and Candidates

In June, the TEKsystems Stockholm office hosted TEKtalk—an opportunity for our contractors and candidates to network and exchange ideas.

young modern professionals at networking event

After the success of networking events the TEKsystems Stockholm office put on for their clients, the team wanted to give their contractors and placements a similar experience.

In June, they invited their customers to a TEKtalk event where they were given the opportunity to discuss the challenges and successes of their current roles and to enable them to grow their network with each other and with the TEKsystems consultants.

The TEKtalk was attended by around 20 guests who consisted of developers, testers, business analysts and project managers from a range of industries. During the after-work mingle, Scala Developer Marco Borst was invited to talk about functional programming. Functional programming is the process of building software by composing pure functions, avoiding shared state and mutable data, and side effects. His talk was very well received, prompting follow-up questioning from the audience.

Staffan Nöteberg, a renowned Agile coach, discussed the latest trend of monotasking. Monotasking, also known as single tasking, is the practice of dedicating oneself to a given task. It contrasts with multitasking, which is the ability to divide one's focus among multiple tasks. Staffan is a published author and accomplished speaker who teaches monotasking and regex and consults in software development.

“Everyone had a great time,” said Louise Solar, a TEKsystems consultant and event organiser. “Our guests were very relaxed and networked with each other very easily.”

“TEKtalk is an opportunity for our contractors to know that professionally they do belong to something, even though they work as freelancers, sometimes in isolation.”

“It was great to meet colleagues and TEKsystems employees,” one guest told us, while another said, “The TEKtalk was an interesting perspective and a refreshing change from my everyday duties.”