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New Global Workforce Trends Report Examines Economic and Demographic Shifts Influencing Talent Supply

21 September 2018 | By Lara Doyle

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Historically low unemployment rates, demand for new skills, a retiring generation of workers and the 'war on talent' between competing organisations mean that employers must contend with unprecedented challenges of talent supply and demand.

For employers, embracing practices to address those challenges is essential. To promote a better understanding of the issues, Allegis Group has released its latest Global Workforce Trends Report. The white paper draws on a broad array of industry data, extensive research, insight from workforce strategy experts and findings from a survey of talent acquisition stakeholders around the world. The result is a practical view of the trends that influence every employer’s ability to acquire talent.

The report provides an overview of trends for regions across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC). The research covers macroeconomic issues, industry trends and the demands for skills. The effect of these factors is explored, and insight is provided on best practices and strategic priorities that leading organisations embrace to stay ahead.

Evolving Models for Talent Acquisition

“Together, individual relationships, empowerment for career development and consistent communication all play a role in keeping great talent connected and engaged with their work,” says Rachel Russell, global head of corporate strategy at Allegis Group.

“Through stronger employee relationships and reduced attrition, organisations can position themselves to gain an advantage at a time when critical talent is a main driver of business success.”

As the proverbial war for talent ensues, the push for business growth and the need for workers with critical skills will keep the pressure on companies to embrace creative solutions to meet talent needs. Every aspect of talent acquisition and management will continue to be imperative: employer brand, diversity and inclusion, sourcing and recruiting, employee experience, use of technology, and overall access and visibility to the workforce supply.

The elements of talent success require an increasing level of expertise and specialised attention. The report outlines how talent solutions providers will continue to play a vital role in bringing expertise and attention to these areas as companies realise the strategic value that an innovative, dedicated partner can provide.

Succeeding in a World of Talent Scarcity

The leaders in a global environment of talent scarcity will be the employers that take on a strategic, global view of their talent needs and talent supply, across all skills types and flexible and permanent employment models. Those leaders will be the organisations that can strengthen their talent acquisition capability and focus on retaining the critical talent currently in their workforce. These priorities will not only shape talent acquisition but also the health and success of the business itself.

To find out more, click here to download your free copy of Allegis Group’s 2018 Global Workforce Trends Report