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About Us

Our Proposal: Own Change

At TEKsystems, we’re obsessed with technology. Its power to change everything. Technology fuels our passion and commitment to helping organisations do what they set out to. When we engage, we bring fresh ideas that help you galvanise your performance. Refine your strategy. Spark new energy. The future—and how we get there—depends on those who build, connect, create and transform our world. The most successful and innovative businesses are already doing it, and we’re skilled experts at bringing the talent they need to thrive.

Partnership, The Active Ingredient

This is how new opportunity happens

In today’s world of perpetual, rapid change, true leaders do more than adapt. They anticipate and take advantage of new opportunities, fast. We bring the expertise and talent to help you activate ideas and build solutions. We listen carefully to understand your culture and partner with you to tackle your business challenges. Our solutions aren’t off-the-shelf. Our solutions are built to your reality. We create agility and momentum, and we’re specialists in planning, implementation and real-world application. Whether it’s a compelling vision for tomorrow or you need expert talent to support a hit-the-ground running project, we’ll work together to advance your transformation.

An all-inclusive mission

When we say “own change,” we’re also talking about the positive impacts we can make in the world. Our focus is on building stronger communities where we work, growing a healthier environment and staying true to our ethical standards.

  • We care for our people. Our team and our clients are on the front lines of building a future that’s better for everyone. We do our best by them—personally and professionally—by supporting and celebrating one another, fostering growth and connection, and inspiring achievement in all its forms.
  • We team up with our friends. Our business puts people to work in valuable ways; it makes sense to support organisations that do the same. By donating to groups that provide tech learning, training and job support. And by partnering with educators who are focused on bridging the gap in critical STEM learning.
  • We look after our environment. To minimise our carbon footprint, we’ve adopted strategies to reduce our energy and paper consumption, responsibly dispose of electronic waste, use green office supplies and take advantage of single-stream recycling.
  • We do business the right way. Governed by our parent company, Allegis Group, our Code of Conduct reflects our values by providing guidance and holding our people to the highest ethical standards—from making decisions in complex situations to reporting violations when they occur.

From our house to yours

We’re intentional about building a company that represents the communities where we work and live. That starts with actively building a pipeline that reflects diversity across many dimensions. We invest in nurturing and developing a new generation of leaders for whom diversity is a core strength and asset, and we help like-minded organisations do the same.

We put our best practices to use with clients and talent—so you can recruit and retain diverse talent across industries. To encourage this, we support inclusion and diversity efforts related to:

  • Attracting and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds
  • Complying with employment and reporting regulations

Your resource: In-demand skill sets at scale

A flagship company within Allegis Group, a global leader in talent solutions, TEKsystems leads specialised solutions across a wide range of IT services and talent. Thanks to our unique insights into the world of technology and our dedication to personalised guidance, we outpace the competition by delivering on our promises to clients and talent alike.

We’re proud of our reach. We are a team of experts, working with over 6,000 clients, including 80% of the Fortune 500, across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.


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Mission Possible

We’re for insights that make an impact, expertise that outthinks the most perplexing challenge, agility that generates new momentum and a collaborative approach that makes ideas jump off the whiteboard. Transformation never plays solo. An active partnership is how you activate change.

Transformation Never Plays Solo

Helping you achieve your goals is our business, and we care how we go about it. We’re outcome-oriented listeners committed to our partnership with you. We strive to work on your terms and in your best interest—adding real value to what you do and how.

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