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A Story of Owning Change

Trans-Tasman Transformation

Building a delivery centre to help drive Trans-Tasman digital transformation and expand customer support in financial services.


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Trans-Tasman Transformation


Our client is a financial services company that specialises in providing Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions to major financial institutions. Their investment platforms are used by customers in 15 international markets across Europe, Asia Pacific, South Africa, and North America.

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The proposition:Growing pains

The world of financial services is constantly evolving, with global movement of wealth and a digital first approach constantly driving change. Businesses across the world are looking for partners who can support them in their evolution and provide them with a platform for success, and our client does just that.

Our client was riding a wave of success, recently winning several major enterprise level customer engagements and receiving over $1billion dollars in funding. However, no company can escape growing pains, and our client recognised that their infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand needed an immediate upgrade to support business expansion and service their new customers.

To grow their platform offering the client embarked on a major business transformation, establishing a new a Delivery Centre of Excellence between Wellington, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia, to support their customer solutions. This centre would house over 70 specialists, covering a variety of skills from Solution Design, Development, Testing, Integration, Project Management as well as layer of leadership and oversight.

A transformation of this size and complexity required a partner with the scale and track record to match. TEKsystems’ delivery of this business-critical project was the natural next step in the evolution of our partnership.


Our proposal:From pain to productivity

Timing was crucial. Commencing in July 2021, TEKsystems had six months to deliver 60 technical resources. A dedicated delivery team of ten specialists was established—six in Melbourne, two in Wellington and two in Sydney. This team was responsible for service delivery, client engagement and identifying and screening high quality candidates with the technical skills to support the client’s business outcomes.

To ensure transparency, weekly project delivery meetings with client stakeholders were conducted, covering resource demand, available talent pool, onboarding and offboarding activity, and more.

Once resources began to join the Delivery Centre, a clear management structure would be needed to help oversee and guide them. TEKsystems proposed, and consequently deployed, additional leadership resources including a Head of Delivery, a Programme Director and three Test Leads.

Transformation needs are often fluid , and requirements can change daily. With the core resources now in place TEKsystems looked at what’s next—the ongoing Delivery Centre performance as customer volumes increased.

To ensure that customer service levels were maintained, TEKsystems augmented the Delivery Centre with contingent resources who were engaged for peak and specialised delivery of customer solutions.

Ensuring these peak resource requirements were met, TEKsystems engaged our offshore delivery centre, known as GTAC (Global Talent Acquisition Centre). While our core onshore team led the project delivery, the GTAC team remained on stand-by to support increases in resource demand that would otherwise impact our service quality.

Trans-Tasman Transformation

Real-world Results

The market for talent in Australia and New Zealand is highly competitive, and was further exacerbated by the global pandemic. TEKsystems understood the market and welcomed the challenge. Working with our extensive network of talent, we identified high quality candidates with the skills and commitment to help take our clients’ business to the next level.

Impressed by the calibre of talent delivered, the client increased their requirement to 75 resources over a seven-month period. TEKsystems stepped up without hesitation.

The initial requirement of 60 resources was deployed on time with 0% attrition, providing the client a stable team to produce several platforms for their mid-tier customers and initiate the creation of three additional major flagship platforms for global fund leaders. Nine months into the partnership there are now 84 resources on site and less than 10% attrition overall.

With the Delivery Centre now operating smoothly TEKsystems continues to add value to our clients’ business operations. The next phase in their transformation journey is to strengthen their New Zealand presence, with TEKsystems providing the specialised talent to support their continued success and market growth.


  • Developers, 32
  • Analyst Testers (hybrid BA and Tester), 23
  • Test Leads, 3
  • Solution Consultant, 9
  • Senior Delivery Manager, 3
  • Change Manager/Lead, 2
  • Programme Director
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Head of Analysis and Testing
  • Production Support, 3
  • Global Response Analysts, 2
  • Business Analysts, 2