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What Transferrable Skills Are Employers Really Looking for?

June 21, 2022

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When filling out a job application or creating the perfect CV, most candidates know to give their relevant qualifications and experience top billing. However, while it is critical to include tangible accomplishments, it is equally important to communicate some of the most important features employers are looking for – your transferrable skills.

Transferrable skills are the personal talents and attributes picked up during life's trials and opportunities. These qualities often go beyond training and academic experience, instead giving people the capacity to adapt and thrive in challenging situations.

While it can be difficult to articulate these talents into professional words on your resume, it is important that you understand which transferrable skills your potential employer may be looking for so you can communicate your ability to fill their needs.

So, what transferrable skills are employers looking for?


Communication is a key skill for almost every position. Being able to efficiently share your ideas, explain procedures or troubleshoot issues with colleagues all require effective communication skills.

If you're able to articulate ideas and adapt your speech to suit all manners of audiences, share this ability with recruiters and potential hiring managers – either through a fluently written resume or an expressive and well-spoken interview.


Leadership skills go beyond theoretical training in this area. Employers are often seeking proof that you can easily lead a team and manage fellow employees.

This does not even have to necessarily include a time when you were officially appointed as a team leader. Instead, share instances when you influenced a positive outcome or motivated colleagues to success from within the ranks.


Most employers rely on fast paced and innovative ideas to keep their organisations at the top of their field. This means recruiters will be on the lookout for candidates who can adapt to industry-leading developments.

A simple way of expressing this ability to an employer involves sharing a time when you felt challenged but managed to rise above the obstacle and learnt new skills along the way.

For more information of the types of transferrable skills employers are looking for, contact us today.