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Career Transforming Risks

May 10, 2022

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Career risks can be divided into two categories: requesting more responsibility, and changing career paths. Prior to execution, both require careful consideration and preparation. Below are some thoughts to contemplate, before taking a career transforming risk.

1. Define what you want and what your challenges might be

Knowing what you end goal is and why it’s important to you will help ensure you take the actions needed to stay on track and achieve your goal.

The second step is to identify what challenges are currently stopping you from making this change. Realising and understanding what these challenges are can make them less intimidating, allowing you to take action and overcome them.

2. Research

Research, research, research. When considering a career transforming risk, it’s important to know what opportunities are available in the employment market or within your current company. Look at what projects or initiatives your company/wider market has coming up and consider how your role could evolve to include more responsibilities in these upcoming areas of development.

3. Take the leap

Taking a leap from one industry to another may seem daunting; however, it can provide a whole other area of career opportunities. In some instances, it can also reignite the passion and enthusiasm that you have for your chosen profession.

4. Imagine how you will feel after the change

Many people reject change due to a fear of the unknown; however, if you push past that fear, you may find that a new set of exciting and novel experiences are waiting for you. Consider what the alternative is – you can stay in your current role or push yourself outside your comfort zone and take that career transforming step to something new. If you are considering transforming your career, speak to our team about your skills, goals and interests as well as where you want your career to take you.