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Advancing Your 
IT Career

Learn about your company's business

Our research shows IT leaders want their technical staff to improve their business knowledge. It turns out employers love an IT worker with advanced technical skills, but they really value a professional who gets how IT supports the whole business. Learn about your industry and use that knowledge to become a trusted problem solver—and watch your value rise. 

Brush up on office etiquette

Office politics may be your least favorite part of working, but it does pay to play by certain rules. Every workplace has certain customs, such as a preferred method of communicating with coworkers. Pay attention because disregarding these preferences can hold your career back, no matter how great your work is.  

Try IT consulting

IT consulting offers significant career benefits, including the chance to grow your network and learn new skills. If you enjoy variety and want to expand your work horizons, you might give consulting a whirl. TEKsystems consultants have access to an exclusive online Community of IT professionals where consultants can network, share best practices and to get insider details about new job opportunities.

Earn technical certifications

Yes, certifications can be expensive, and it’s hard to find spare time to earn them. But if you earn the right certifications, you can use them to advance your career. TEKsystems consultants have access to over 3,000 free online courses, many of which offer a certification track.

Understand how others see you

Many people have a quirk or work style that causes coworkers or supervisors to overlook the value of their work. Understanding your professional image can help you improve it, letting your excellent work take center stage.

If you're an IT professional working with a TEKsystems recruiter, he or she can provide performance feedback from the client.

Boldly go where no worker has gone before

See a problem or opportunity? Enjoy fixing processes? Plan time with your boss to propose changes that will benefit your team or company. You might find yourself leading a new project, gaining valuable recognition and defining your own career path.

Other resources

Want a promotion? Find out what people think of you.  

More tips for advancing your IT career

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