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TEKsystems Marketing Technology Services

Unlock the full value of your marketing and content platforms.

Today’s leading experience management systems—like Adobe and Sitecore—are powerful. Yet, few marketing teams are truly leveraging the full potential of these digital marketing technologies. When marketing leaders estimate that over half of their digital marketing budget goes to marketing technology—shouldn’t you look to maximize the return on this investment?

TEKsystems Digital can help build and enhance your CMS—and all the rich features it offers—so you can better leverage these technologies as true enterprise experience platforms.

Marketing Technology Skills

  • Adobe and Sitecore
  • Content management
  • E-commerce
  • Email marketing and campaign management
  • Personalization
  • Social media management
  • SEO/SEM analysis
  • Web analytics

Marketing Technology Services

Start leveraging your digital marketing platforms to improve customer experience, identify market opportunities and drive integrated omnichannel campaigns. We can scale our marketing technology support from specialists to fully managed teams and projects.

Key competencies

  • Sitecore Implementation Partner
  • Adobe Community Partner
  • Salesforce Partner
  • Analytics and commerce

Marketing Technology Staffing

There is a scarcity of content management talent. In our State of Digital Marketing Report, content creation and management (CMS) was one of the top skills likely to increase in criticality in 2018, and only half of marketing leaders feel that their current talent pool of inbound marketing skills (SEO/SEM, social media, email, traffic management) fulfill digital marketing demands and priorities. Our specialized marketing technology recruiters maintain relationships and pipelines of talent skilled in core marketing technologies to provide you with a vast network of skillsets to support your industry initiatives.

Client Example

Strengthening Manufacturer’s Brand and Content via Sitecore

TEKsystems helped a leading marketing and advertising firm enhance UX, improve content delivery and strengthen the brand of their client, a Fortune 500 manufacturer. In six months, we helped develop a more dynamic website and interactive, media-rich newsroom. The site has not only helped reinforce the manufacturer’s brand in the marketplace and enabled greater UX for visitors, but it has given their marketing team greater control over content, reduced costs and delivered improved insight into visitor behaviors to better inform business decisions. Read the full case study


Our client was using Adobe CQ5 to manage its website, a crucial means for customers to request quotes, discover policies, and report and track insurance claims. The Marketing department was mostly able to use this tool autonomously (e.g., authoring and editing pages) but there were a few instances where they needed to lean on their IT department for support. When Adobe began phasing out technical support for CQ5, neither the client’s Marketing nor IT department had the Adobe expertise or bandwidth to support the upgrade to Adobe Experience Manager 6 (AEM6). They partnered with TEKsystems to create a plan of action to upgrade to AEM. In addition to guiding and executing the upgrade project, our team resolved lingering technical issues and improved ease of authoring. Further, we helped align the client’s Marketing and IT teams to build internal AEM6 competency so they can confidently build out and manage the website to meet customer expectations. After the upgrade went live, TEKsystems collaborated with the client to create a roadmap for the next release, which will explore and take advantage of several new AEM6 capabilities, including Touch UI, editable templates, content fragments, component styles, responsive grid and the Hobbes testing framework.

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