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JavaScript & jQuery Development

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3 Days

Previous work with front-end technologies, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript basics is recommended.

This course provides exposure to front-end architectures, and JavaScript language features including a thorough exploration of the jQuery JavaScript Library. It provides exposure to techniques used in modern JavaScript application development. This course focuses extensively on object-oriented JavaScript, patterns-based development, use of the jQuery JavaScript library, UI framework development, asynchronous interactions, plugin development, and more.

The JavaScript discussions include coverage of the use of prototypes, object creation, object literals, inheritance, techniques for creating namespaces, libraries, closures, best practices, cross-browser design, and application-level design considerations.

The jQuery content provides a deeper view of the library’s features as well as discussions on best practices. Discussions are reinforced by hands-on exercises and incorporate cross-browser design tips and tricks.

This course is designed for front-end developers and developers interested in the latest browser-based, front-end APIs.
Enterprise JavaScript Introduction
Layered Architectures
Enterprise JavaScript Architectures
MV* Frameworks
Developing in Team Environments
Incorporating Build Systems
Semantic HTML
Progressive Enhancement
Browser Rendering Modes
Cross-Browser Development
Firebug Overview
Chrome Developer Tools
IE Developer Tools

JavaScript Advanced Function Techniques
The ECMAScript Standard
Declaring Functions
Function Literal Notation
The Function Object
Variadic Functions
Advanced Argument Passing
Variables and Scope
Overloading Issues
The Global Namespace
Object-Oriented JavaScript
Introducing Object-Oriented JavaScript
Object Creation and Default Properties
Understanding Object Prototypes
Object Literals
Self-Executing Functions
Private and Privileged Properties
Pseudo-private Properties
JavaScript and Interfaces
The Module Pattern
Defining Application Modules

Unobtrusive JavaScript & jQuery
DOM Scripting
Rules for Writing Unobtrusive Code
Events and Cross-Browser Issues
Handling Events and the Event Object
Event Bubbling and Capturing
Stopping Event Propagation
Event Delegation
Preventing the Default Action
Introducing JavaScript Libraries
The jQuery Object
Using jQuery and Selectors
DOM Manipulation with jQuery
Event Bubbling/Delegation
jQuery Core Animation Effects
Creating Widgets from Scratch

Incorporating jQueryUI
Introducing jQueryUI
Accordions and Tabs
Dialogs, Tooltips, and Effects
Using DatePickers
Degrading Browser Functionality to jQueryUI
jQuery and Modernizr

jQuery: Deeper Dive
Creating Domain Objects
jQuery and Inheritance

jQuery Ajax Techniques
jQuery and the Ajax Request
Cross Domain Requests
Dynamic Script Tags
jQuery and JSON-P
Using HTML5 CORS for Cross-Domain

Using jQuery Deferreds
What are Deferreds?
Asynchronous calls and Deferreds
Using when()
Using $.Deferred
Animations and Deferreds
Timers and Deferreds

Creating jQuery plugins
Authoring Plugins
The Plugin Pattern
Managing State
Supplying Paramters

HTML Templating Systems
Using a Templating System

Custom Event Handling
Passing Data Between Events

jQuery Best Practices
Optimizing the Page Load
Using CDNs
Selector Optimization

Introducing jQuery Mobile
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