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Facilitating Effective Meetings for Productive Outcomes

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2 Days

Meetings can be absolutely dreadful, and a dreadful waste of time and money. However, a well-planned and well-facilitated meeting can lead to extremely productive outcomes! Meetings are a valuable tool that, used correctly, can bring great value to organizations of all types. This workshop ensures that all of your meetings lead to better results. Tools and techniques from this workshop are applicable in face-to-face and virtual settings. Participants not only learn how to plan and conduct status meetings, decision-making meetings, problem-solving meetings, and product-producing meetings, but they practice those skills throughout the entire workshop. They then demonstrate a comprehensive mastery of those skills in the final exercise.
This course is designed for individuals facilitating meetings.
8:30 Introduction/Ground rules

Exercise: Using the Multi-Voting Technique
Costs of Meetings
Exercise: Gallery Walk Technique
Exercise: Personal Learning Objectives

9:00 Meeting and Facilitation Basics
The Role of a Facilitator
The Roles of Meeting Attendees
Determining if a Meeting is Necessary
Types of Meetings
Exercise: Establishing Meeting Norms and Ground Rules

10:00 Keys to Good Facilitation
Learning Styles and Facilitation
Listening as a Foundation of Facilitation
Exercise: Practice Your Effective Listening Skills
Credibility and Your Physical Presence

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Step 1: Prepare for Your Meeting
Goals > Deliverables > Participants
Non-Attending Stakeholders
Facilitation Approaches and Techniques
Leveraging Your Meeting Space
Exercise: Conduct a Pre-Meeting Analysis
Proactively Address Your Meeting's Challenges
Exercise: Develop Strategies for Meeting Constraints and Barriers
Developing a Powerful Agenda
Preparing Yourself to Facilitate
Exercise: Create an Agenda

4:00 Step 2: Conduct Your Meeting
Using the Tools in Your Facilitator's Toolbox
Exercise: Create a MindMap
Exercise: Create a SWOT Analysis

4:45 Wrap Up

8:30 Bridging Exercise from Day 1

9:00 Step 2: Conduct Your Meeting (continued)

Exercise: Create an Ishikawa Diagram
Exercise: Conduct a Brainstorming Session
Exercise: Create a Decision Grid
Exercise: Conduct a Force-Field Analysis
Keeping Your Meeting On Track
Exercise: Managing Disruptive Behavior
Facilitating Conflict
Other Facilitation Tips and Tricks

11:00 Step 3: Close Your Meeting and Follow Through
Purpose of Formal Meeting Closure
Meeting Minutes
Following Up on Action Items
Tips and Tricks for Ending Your Meeting

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Demonstration of Facilitation Mastery (video optional)
Select a Facilitation Scenario
Prepare a 20 Minute Meeting
Conduct the Meeting
Debrief and Feedback

4:00 Wrap Up
Questions and Answers
Personal Action Plans and Evaluations
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