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Building Microservices on AWS

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3 Days

Because the course focuses on microservice properties and design no particular programming language expertise is required though participants should have experience with at least one programming language. Each participant will be required to run a 64 bit virtual machine (provided with the course).
This intensive three day course is designed to provide working developers, devops staff and other technology professionals with a comprehensive introduction to microservices and the AWS microservice environment. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of microservices and how to maximize them on AWS. Participants will gain hands on experience working with AWS and microservices in a range of labs.

The course covers the benefits of container based microservice packaging and use of EC2 Container Registry (ECR) as well as dynamic application management using the EC2 Container Service (ECS). Participants will examine various use cases and architecture patterns for microservice based applications throughout the course, with focused discussion on microservice communications, transactions and state management.
This course is designed for Developers, Architects, Engineering Managers and DevOps personnel.
Upon completion of this course, participants will leave with a comprehensive overview of the AWS tools and platform features targeting the microservice architecture.
Day 1
Core Concepts Definition of microservice
Microservice Communications I - Client/Server
Container Packaging

Day 2
State Microservice Communications II - Messaging
Cloud Native Transactions and Event Sourcing
Stateless Services and Polyglot Persistence

Day 3
Microservices in Practice
Microservice Orchestration
FaaS API Gateways
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