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You'll Go Far in IT

You want to advance your IT career, but it’s easy to get caught up in the daily workplace grind. If that sounds like you, it’s time to wake up! The best way to earn a promotion or build a killer resume is to realize the possibilities of your current position

Be proactive. Maybe you have an innovative IT solution that can transform the way your co-workers do their jobs. Do this, and you’ll be seen as a valuable business associate.

Keep your eyes on the bottom line. Find new ways to save your company money and stay on budget. These are the skills that look great on your resume.

Be efficient. Want more time to work on strategic initiatives? Find a way to hand off some of your daily duties. You can automate tasks or help train new workers to advance their skills. Do this, and you’ve essentially promoted yourself.

Keep moving. Find ways to interact with new people and learn new skills. Above all, stay visible in your organization.

Stay relevant. A successful IT professional is a lifelong student.

Embrace that and that brighter future you’ve envisioned will become a reality.  

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