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JavaScript Single Page Apps

July 25, 2017

By Jordan Schwartz

Several weeks ago, experienced TEKsystems recruiter Wes Claudio was interviewed by Zach Hill for his IT careers YouTube channel. Zach asked Wes, “What type of positions do you find that TEKsystems is often recruiting the most?” Wes instantly replied, “Programmers: Angular JS, front end, web design.”

A hot job market for developers presents a chance to make big strides in your career through training and programming certifications. The good news is that TEKsystems offers our current consultants over 4,000 free training courses and 37,000 videos to help you with make those strides.

Through our partnership with Skillsoft, consultants (i.e., contractors) can access tons of courses geared toward front-end development, like the JavaScript curriculum below, that provide you frameworks and tools to solve common problems when developing lightweight, high-performance single page applications. Current TEKsystems consultants can access Skillsoft—as well as information about your benefits and assignment—via your Community portal. If you haven't accessed the portal yet, ask your recruiter to re-send your unique login.

Who knows, you may even be able to cure the so-called “JavaScript fatigue” that plagues some people.

Take a look at the free curriculum below:

  • JavaScript SPA: Getting Started with SPA in Visual Studio 2013   
  • JavaScript SPA Views and Routes
  • JavaScript SPA: Durandal Modules and Lifecycle events
  • JavaScript SPA: Adding Views and Handling View Navigation in Durandal               
  • JavaScript SPA: Connecting to and Managing Data
  • JavaScript SPA: Working with Rich Application Data
  • JavaScript SPA: Managing Application Data
  • JavaScript SPA: Working With Validation

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