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Mr. Robot

Kernel Panic: 'Mr. Robot' Season 2, Episode 3

Our recap and review

July 22, 2016

By TEKsystems

Bonsoir, TEKsavvy blog readers. Before we start our recap, keep in mind that our Mr. Robot posts will be chock full of spoilers, so don’t read ahead unless you’re all caught up!

Power struggles and curses: A recap of Episode 3

In this week’s episode we saw Elliot spiral even farther down the Mr. Robot rabbit hole as he tries to silence the voices with an insane amount of Adderall. Quite a lovely scene, wasn’t it? His paranoia is becoming more intense and prevalent, which makes it harder distinguish between reality and Elliot’s internal voices. He has once again accepted that Mr. Robot is here to stay, but we’ve seen this before and know Elliot’s sense of reality will always be skewed.

Although questions linger about Tyrell’s whereabouts or if he’s even still alive, we did find out more about new and returning characters. Ray, who we now know is on dialysis and speaks to his dead wife regularly, is definitely involved in some sketchy business. Could he be a possible confidant for Elliot or is he more dangerous than we think?

Romero gives us some much-needed back story about how fsociety was founded and why the arcade became the home base. It turns out the store had been cursed for generations while it operated as the Fun Society Arcade. Looks like Romero should’ve taken his cellmate’s advice to burn down the building, because the bad luck has come back. Mobley finds Romero shot dead, surrounded by chemicals and computers on his mother’s patio.

And who will investigate the murder? Dominique, of course. This caffeine-fueled insomniac already put her investigative skills to use following up with Romero’s highly entertaining mother and eventually finding her way to the fsociety arcade.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget Dark Angela. Just as we suspected, Angela is staying on with E Corp not only to find out more about her mother’s death but to seek some type of revenge. Phillip Price appears to have caught on to her intentions; he invites her to dinner and hands her a disk full of incriminating evidence on two of her coworkers.

With each episode, we’re noticing a theme of power struggle. Elliot is struggling to gain control of the voices in his own head. Darlene and the other fsociety hackers are torn over the direction of their mission and who will lead now that Elliot has been sent away. Angela and Mr. Price continue to push back on each other; we’ll have to wait to see who has the power there.

How we feel about the developing relationships and storylines

Kelly: Angela and Price, sitting in a tree ... well, sorta? I’ve got to say their flirting is very off-putting. Is Price setting her up? Does he recognize some sort of kindred spirit in her killer instincts? Angela's self-confidence mantras are starting to seem a little Tyrell-esque, n'est pas?

Katherine: The Angela/Price dynamic is so creepy. I knew it wasn’t going to be a one-on-one date, but he definitely knows how to assert his power and make everyone feel uncomfortable. I kind of hope Angela exposes her coworkers. Why not, they probably deserve it.

Regan: I believe Angela stayed with Evil Corp to keep digging into the death of her mother, but it seems Phillip Price may be onto her. Just look at how he interacts with her and the invitation to dinner. I’d like to know more about the newspaper article he had framed—I'm sure there's a link.

Ray and Leon: Patients, outside characters or figments of Elliot’s imagination?

Cam: Patients. I think. I can make a very strong claim that Leon is a patient because of the routine that he’s following along with Elliot; however, Ray is a little more of a departure due to his scenes outside the confines of the "ward." Maybe the show is fragmenting Ray’s backstory like it has done with Elliot or maybe he’s another personality that Eliot is starting to develop—one with different motives from Elliot's initial intent for fsociety. Hmm.

Kelly: I think Ray is a caseworker and real person, but that begs a lot of questions about what he's doing beating up people in his free time. In his first encounter with Elliot, he asks for tech help, and he's clearly still looking for it. I am eager to see how that all ties in. But I love Cam’s idea that Ray's adventures in physical intimidation could be his backstory and not his present tense. This episode did an amazing job keeping me off balance the entire time.

David: For me, this episode created a lot more questions than answers when it comes to Ray and Leon. How did Elliot and Ray meet? Why is Ray having people beat up?

Regan: Ray seems to have some mental health issues himself; I’m not sure if he lives on his own or in the halfway house. He definitely has some delusions with talking to his dead wife as if she's still home all of the time. Not sure what his agenda is; is he hustling to pay for his dialysis?

Mr. Robot conspiracy theories and predictions

Katherine: What if Elliot has something to do with Romero’s murder? After all, at this point he has no way of distinguishing what’s real and what’s not, so maybe Mr. Robot wants to slim out his cast of hackers in fsociety.

Regan: I was thinking that, too. I think this is the first time we’ve seen Elliot smile, aside from his outburst last week. The hole in his conscience leads me to believe he killed Romero. By the way, what was the white-paint-looking stuff around and on Romero?

Kelly: I know we've talked about how well-plotted this show is, so it should come as no surprise that Dominique discovering the arcade tied the perfect bow on Romero’s story (RIP) at the beginning of the show. Side note—did anyone else catch when Romero said the arcade's last owner's son fell out of a window just like Elliott allegedly did? Interesting detail. I'm sure it doesn't signify anything but I thought it was a tasty story morsel.

David: I’m still questioning the whereabouts of Tyrell. I think the phone call could’ve been another one of Elliot’s hallucinations, not to mention Tyrell sounds like he’s possessed.

Cam: So many theories, especially with Tyrell. Maybe he’s not on Elliot’s side as he claims. Could he have put Elliot in the mental ward?

Follow us next week as the theories continue and Sam Esmail’s very complex web of characters confuses us all. Have any theories of your own or want to join us in conversation? Comment below.

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