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Mr. Robot

‘Mr. Robot’
Season 2, Episodes 1 and 2

Our recap and review

July 15, 2016

By TEKsystems

Bonsoir, TEKsavvy blog readers. After months of patiently waiting and over-analyzing, we were finally brought back into the world of Mr. Robot. For those just tuning into our recap and review, make sure you meet our staff of commentators in our first post.

A brief recap of the Season 2 premiere

At the end of Season 1, Elliot finally realized he'd succumbed to mental illness again and that Mr. Robot was actually a figment of his imagination. We start Season 2 seeing how Elliot  handles this realization. He claims to be in the controlled care of his mother following a strict daily schedule, but as you’ll read later, many of our contributors doubt the validity in his living situation. We meet a few new characters, including Leon, Elliot’s new “friend” he spends every day with, Ray, the talkative stranger from the basketball court, and Dominique, an FBI agent. And we’re caught up on the story lines of a few returning characters, including, Joanna, Angela, Darlene, E Corp CEO Phillip Price and Gideon.

Let’s first address the creepiest character of them all, Joanna. As suspected, she will be taking on a larger role this season, especially since we have yet to see Tyrell. Will Tyrell continue to communicate through her via mysterious music boxes or will he eventually surface?

Hello, Dark Angela. We all love how she is embracing her darker, more confident side. It will be exciting to see what kind of ulterior motives she has up her sleeve while she works in the E Corp PR department.

Darlene has become the one true believer and leader in the F Society movement now that Elliot has stepped away (for now). Has the power gone to her head? Will she be able to gain enough support to continue the mission?

Does Phillip Price even realize what’s going on? He has yet to grasp the severity of the hack or how it’s impacting society. Do we think someone, maybe Dominique, will finally put him in his place? After all, who doesn’t have $5.9 million in their couch cushions?

Poor Gideon. The writers did a great job of making viewers feel bad for him as the episode progressed and we could hear the desperation in his voice when he met with Elliot. It looks like it was too little, too late. RIP, friend.

Theories about Elliot’s new living situation

Kelly: I'm pretty sure he's not really back at his mother's house. Could it be a mental facility? 

Regan:  I think Elliott is living in a halfway house after a rehab stint—the basketball court, church meetings, journaling seem to be part of the "program." Every time Mr. Robot puts a gun to Elliott's head, I wonder if that's him debating suicide. Dark, I know.

Katherine: I got the halfway house vibe as well. All the routine and chores are definitely part of the program. Elliot and Darlene’s mom was never referenced in the first season, so I’m not even sure she’s still alive, plus there’s no interaction between the two so she could also be imaginary.

Is Leon real or a figment of Elliot’s imagination?

Regan: Elliott's new "friend" Leon has to be another personality; Elliott has had very few real friends. Also, in one scene Leon Panetta was on the TV in the background—not sure if that's a connection. 

Kelly: Leon definitely doesn't seem like a real person. I think Elliot is fracturing into multiple personalities now. 

David: The entire first episode had a very surreal, Twin Peaks sort of feel in which you can never tell what’s real and what’s an illusion, including all of the new characters.

Who else is loving this new side of Angela?

Regan: Angela is owning it right now. Even though she's staying with Evil Corp, I feel she has something up her sleeve.

David: I'm kind of excited to see Angela embrace the dark side.

Kelly: Can we start calling her Darth Angela, like Darth Sansa?

Katherine: I really hope she does something big to ruin the reputation of E Corp. The PR department is the perfect place for intel and media access.

Conspiracy theories and predictions

David: I just have so many questions, I hope they get answered sooner rather than later, but judging from last season we won’t know until the end. One thing is for sure, this is going to be a wild and crazy ride, so hang on. Oh, and the soundtrack is awesome!

Regan: Yes, David! As I watch every episode I always notice how well-done the production is; the angles of the shots, the conversations, the dramatic music, etc. I often get lost in the "art" of it and forget to pay attention to what's happening with the story. And holy Gideon; who was that guy?

Katherine: I feel so bad for Gideon, but that’s an awesome way to start a season. Love the shock factor to wake me up late at night. I’m excited to see the darker sides of all of the characters, there are some messed up people in this Mr. Robot world.

Kelly: First conspiracy theory of the new season: What if Elliot isn't the actual base personality? What if Mr. Robot (i.e., his father) really is the "owner" of his body? What if Elliot's dad wasn't the one who died and he started experiencing mental issues and killed his son (Elliot) when he was a kid, which made his mind fracture even more. What if he created an Elliot personality within himself so that he could deny that Elliot ever died, and now Elliot wants to take over? Ahhhh!!!!!

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