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IT worker with a high salary

Your earnings: 14 IT salaries over $100,000

June 27, 2016

By Lisa Dare

IT professions are full of extraordinary opportunities to impact people and organizations, take part in exciting innovation—and earn a lot of money. If your career goals include making a six-figure salary, look no further than our list of the highest-paid IT jobs of 2016.  

Note that these figures reflect U.S. national salary averages, and don’t take into account your location, industry or level of experience.  We did add a bonus section, though: you can see which skill, software proficiency or competency can drive up your salary the most.

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The highest-paying tech jobs of 2016

Highest-paying IT jobs

Bonus: Highest-paying additional skill

1. Cloud Systems Administrator


2. Data architect

Data warehousing: $4,000

3. Database Administrator

Teradata: $9,000

4. Developer

TIBCO: $23,000; mobile $16,000

5. Enterprise Architect

Data/MDM: $4,000

6. IT Manager

Network change management: $14,000

7. Network Architect

LAN/WAN/core network: $1,000

8. Program Manager

Network storage: $32,000

9. Project Manager

Healthcare industry, esp. payer side $29,000

10. Security Analyst

Risk assessment and compliance: $6,000

11. Security Engineer

Antivirus/malware: $3,000

12. Systems Analyst

NextGen $18,000

13. Systems architect

Cloud: $21,000

14. Systems engineer

DevOps: $26,000

In the market for one of these high-paying gigs? Find your next job—or let opportunities find you when you create a profile.

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