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stress and pride

IT job stress: The worker's perspective

May 29, 2015
By Vanessa Ulrich

Good news if you work in IT—fewer IT professionals report feeling stressed out this year and more indicate they have an improved work-life balance, according to our third annual IT Stress and Pride survey. The findings represent the views of over 1,000 IT professionals polled this spring on your levels of stress, expected accessibility and career pride.

Fewer IT pros are motivated to leave their jobs

Last year, IT pros reported enormous levels of stress―in many cases, so much that you’d consider trading a pay cut for less stressful work. Is it possible your supervisors heard your concerns? This year, perhaps most significantly, the percentage of IT pros who say you consider your current work to be the most stressful of your career has gone down by more than half. Additionally, fewer IT pros say a stressful work situation would lead you to switch jobs or take a pay cut in order to escape that stress.

Work-life swings into balance

This year, just 13 percent of senior-level IT pros reported they feel obligated to be accessible 24/7 during a normal work week, a significant drop from the 61 percent who said the same last year. Entry to mid-level IT pros are also experiencing a better work-life balance—only 15 percent feel the need to be accessible 24/7 during a normal work week, down from 27 percent last year.

Vacations no longer infringed upon by work obligations

Planning on taking a vacation soon? Expect to be able to really take advantage of that time off. Eighty-three percent of senior-level IT professionals say they are not expected to provide any availability while on vacation, up from only 30 percent who said the same in 2014. Eighty-five percent of entry to mid-level IT pros say they are not expected to provide any availability while on vacation, up from 74 percent last year.

Nearly half of IT pros at all career levels consider your current work to be the most satisfying of your career.

The significant drop in stress and positive swing in pride and satisfaction could be attributed to efforts by IT leaders to avoid overworked staff and improve overall staff satisfaction and retention.

What are your levels of stress and pride this year? Tweet us @TEKsystems to tell us how you feel. And if work stress has you glum, you might think about a new IT career. Call your local TEKsystems office to connect with a recruiter who cares about your career goals.

As part of TEKsystems’ public relations team, Vanessa Ulrich reads everything she can about the technology industry and emerging trends. Vanessa blogs about where technology and society collide, giving context and commentary to top news stories. You can reach her with questions and comments @TEK_PR via Twitter.


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