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pumpkin head business person
October 23, 2015
By Kelly Cooper Niles

It’s almost Halloween—you know, that time of year when your colleagues and friends silently judge you on your creativity and craftiness. Instead of breaking out your trusty Freddy mask, vampire teeth or witch hat, change it up with these cheeky-sarcastic IT-themed costumes that take little to no effort.

Internet of Things

Wear a net and attach random things to it.

White hat / black hat hacker

Put a white or black hat atop your head and bring a kid’s toy machete (make sure it is very visibly a toy— you don’t want to get HR involved).

Big Data

Are you the tallest person in your office? Good for you! Get a name tag and write “Data” on it.

Social media

Attach wax lips to magazines and newspapers and adhere them to your shirt.

Java engineer

Dress up like your favorite Starbucks barista (green apron, hipster accessories) as they ‘engineer’ your java every day.

.NET developer

Carry around a fishing net with film negatives inside of it. Of course, this only works if your coworkers are old enough to remember developing film.  

Front-end developer

Tape old film negatives to only the front side of your clothing.

Body text

Cut a box in half diagonally so you have greater than / lesser than symbols. Attach each to one side of your body like this: < you >

Mad (data) scientist

Wear a white coat, style your hair all wild, get some lab glasses and carry around a calculator.

Cloud engineer

Wear a train conductor’s hat and fill a white trash bag with newspaper.

Identity thief

Dress up like a cat burglar (all black, with a face mask) and carry a clear bag with your driver’s license or ID card, credit cards and insurance cards.

Information security

Find an old dictionary or encyclopedia (remember those?!) and rip out the pages. Tape the pages all over your outfit and ask to see people’s IDs if they want to enter your office.


Find a large piece of cardboard or paper, paint flames on it and stick it to the front of your door. No one can get past your firewall, so you’re free to work the day in peace!

Steve Jobs

Black turtleneck, jeans, glasses and a discerning expression.

Stack Overflow

Position pieces of paper so they’re coming out of your collar, pockets, pant legs, etc.

Have any additional IT-themed costume suggestions? Let us know, or better yet, post a pic!

As a writer in TEKsystems’ marketing department, Kelly Cooper Niles develops content for brochures, presentations, and more recently, videos and blogs. When she’s not brainstorming puns, Kelly enjoys playing tennis and being by or on the water.

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