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Social media could have a big impact on your IT career in 2015

November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means it will be the end of the year before we know it. Now is a great time to strategize about how you will take your career to the next level in 2015, and considering social media as part of your approach is a great idea!

For many years, the traditional hard-copy resume has been what hiring managers reviewed during their candidate search. Now there are so many opportunities for employers to learn about your professional experience, including your LinkedIn profile and the content you are posting on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Deciding to become active on social media is a big decision. The worst thing you can do is to create profiles on professional social media networks and then never update them. Create a game plan before you start. Update your profile content once a week, join and participant in active discussions in LinkedIn groups a few times a week, post relevant content that shows your expertise often, and connect with potential companies and other IT industry professionals on a weekly basis. Trying to do too much at once will become overwhelming, and it may discourage you from maintaining your online presence. If you do feel like being active on social media is difficult and not worth the effort, rest assured that it is.

Based on LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends survey, career-centered online media is one of the top sources of quality hires. Social professional networks were ranked No. 2 behind job boards as a top source of quality hires. Executives and hiring managers are being told to look at social media profiles if they want to find the best talent. By being an active member on social media networks, you are more likely to get noticed by a hiring manager.

If you are not interested in relying heavily on social media to get a job, at the very least, you should create a polished LinkedIn profile that includes a professional headshot. It is no longer a differentiator to be on this network; it is mandatory if you want to remain competitive in the IT industry. For more tips on how to enhance your profile, click here.

Companies are also being encouraged to post more content on their social media sites, including information about employee benefits, details on what the company works on and what it is like to work there—all of which is very helpful when you are looking for a job. Feel free to interact with these companies and ask them for information about career opportunities.

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As the social media guru for TEKsystems, Kellie Elmerraji keeps up with the latest trends in social media and provides advice on how IT professionals can use outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to advance their careers.

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