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How to meet the IT security challenges of 2014

February 03, 2014

Cybersecurity professionals saw an increasingly complex set of challenges in 2013, but they should be prepared for more of the same in the coming year. According to estimates from the international nonprofit ISACA, cybersecurity, Big Data and data privacy will see increasingly complex security challenges appearing at an accelerated rate. 

With ISACA's predication in mind, it should come as no surprise that IT professionals are going to great lengths to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. With Big Data expected to introduce many of the security risks, ISACA recommends businesses slim down and consolidate their data holdings, The Economic Times reported. Bringing the amount of data to a more manageable level will make it more secure against the growing threat of cyber attacks.

Not only should companies slim down their Big Data, they should also turn their attention toward IT staffing, ISACA suggested. More specifically, hiring managers will need to take a look at both cybersecurity and analysis experts. However, scoring knowledgeable IT talent will not  be easy, as there were will be considerable competition among businesses looking to bolster security. 

"The pace of change expected in 2014 will put incredible pressure on technology professionals in the workplace with a focus on keeping IT risk in check while at the same time delivering value to the business," said industry insider Bhavesh Bhagat.

Not only should enterprises work on hiring new talent in 2014, but ISACA recommended rethinking how they use the employees they already have. Most notably, it would be wise to enable IT professionals to go out in search of potential security threats, rather than simply defending against attacks that might happen.  

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