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best of 2014 blogs

2014: The best of the blog

December 18, 2014

2014 was a big year for TEKsystems’ blog, TEKsavvy. We've been blogging for years but didn't think our posts truly represented the many insights we've gained into IT topics, from best practices for managing IT talent to fascinating tech trends that impact your work. 

So we brought all our content in-house. And we created some posts we’re pretty proud of—and that our readers responded to. Looking for the most productive way to spend a few minutes? Read our most insightful blog posts of the year.

We’ll be adding “best of” lists for different topics every day this week and next, so tune back in for our top stories of 2014.

Day 1: Social media and your IT career

Curious about how hiring managers are scoping you out on social media? Need tips for cleaning up and optimizing your online image? Read our top posts about social media and IT careers

Day 2: Top 10 IT job search posts

From resumes to interviews to negotiating your salary, we have the top tips for finding a job and getting ahead in your career.

Day 3: Attract, develop, retain: Our best IT talent management stories

We firmly believe technology projects can’t succeed without top-notch people. As the No. 1 IT staffing company, we know what makes IT professionals tick. Explore some of our best insights into how to attract, develop and retain the finest IT talent

Day 4: The most fun you can have: Our favorite “Friday fun for the IT crowd” posts

It’s Friday, and we just don’t feel like talking IT, business or talent management. “Friday fun for the IT crowd” posts delve into the most interesting tech trends. Enjoy!

Day 5: The business of IT: Must-read posts for the CIO set

From banking disruptions to advances in healthcare technology, IT is increasingly critical to business success. Read some of the most interesting trends shaping the future of information technology

Day 6: Rounding up the best stories for job seekers from around the Web

If you're looking for a job in IT, read our top five essential articles for job seekers. It's possible some of these stories used our original research into life as an IT contractor and the IT job search.

Day 7: Our top posts about managing your IT workload and stress

We hear you: You love working in IT but hate the stress that goes with the job. Start 2015 off right with our best tips for combating stress and workload woes

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