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IT worker confused by job description hiding behind desk

The more difficult interview questions

February 05, 2013

Candidates looking for an opportunity to further their respective IT careers should have little trouble finding job openings, but the interview process is a different animal. Those who are looking for ways to improve their chances of being hired should make sure they are prepared to answer some of the more difficult questions.

A recent report by highlighted some of the questions that may throw off some candidates, including those that appear to have nothing to do with the job opening itself. For example, a manager may ask someone the last book someone read or movie or sporting event he or she attended. The news source explained that this is to help the manager determine the candidate's interests. For the job seekers themselves, they should be honest with their responses.

Interviewers may also ask job seekers what they know about the business itself to determine if the person has genuine interest in the company. People who do some prior research before an interview prove to the manager he or she wants to be part of the firm, the news source said.

One issue that some candidates may run into is if they are a seasoned veteran who may be at a disadvantage to younger workers. The report explained that some hiring managers may believe older employees are likely to leave to find a better position.To address this, job seekers should tell the interviewer that they are an asset to the business and want to move up within the firm.

What type of animal would you be? According to the news provider, this is a common question that can be deceiving. The interviewer is not trying to assess what type of animal a person would be, but rather how he or she communicates the answer.

Other questions to prepare for
There are a number of questions job seekers should go over to prepare for their next interview. A recent Job Interview Answers report indicated that hiring managers are always trying to determine the type of worker potential candidates will be later on. As a result, interviewers often ask people why they believe they are right for the position. The news source asserted that it is imperative for interviewees to not criticize their previous jobs while explaining the positives of the new position.

Since some candidates may do some prior research about the company before the interview, they will likely be familiar with some the qualities the firm is looking for, but this can lead to some problems. Job Interview Answers explained that people should not just recite this information, instead list qualities that will make them successful, such as communication, analysis and leadership skills.

No two interviews will be the same at different companies, making it difficult for job seekers to know exactly what to expect during the process. However, candidates who prepare for their next interview by going over some of these common questions can at least be ready for a wide range of topics, even if it involves what type of animal they prefer to be. 


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