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Hybrid cloud changing IT departments

September 05, 2013

Information coming out of the recent VMworld 2013 event is knowledge companies should be looking for when seeking to expand their IT staffing. At the conference, presenters suggested that the role of business-owned and operated data centers will soon be revolutionized by software-defined networking systems.

The cloud is fracturing    
One term that has been floating around more and more is "hybrid cloud." This data storage solution combines the ease and cost-friendliness of the public cloud with private solutions to keep company information more under lock and key.

ZDNet reported that VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger called hybrid cloud solutions the best choice for IT, due to the way they mix and meet these competing needs. However, Gelsinger wasn't the only one stressing this system as the right approach for firms. Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen said that businesses of all sizes will be tasked with meeting regulations and demands, but starting in the cloud can help firms begin clean and streamlined.

Perhaps one of the more surprising revelations was that many of the participants believed moving data center operations into the cloud would be easier to accomplish for small businesses. While larger companies may have greater resources and funds to invest, they also have a huge amount of information to transition.

In comparison, small firms have only a fraction of the data and can accomplish cloud migration by merely shopping online, Andy Bechtolsheim, chief development officer at Arista Networks, explained to participants, according to the source.

Security concerns still abound   
However, while hybrid cloud solutions may ameliorate some concerns over privacy and security, Gelsinger said it is unlikely that these will completely disappear, at least not for another few decades, ZDNet reported.

A recent study from Rackspace concurred with these assessments. It found that in a survey of 400 U.S. and U.K. organizations, 51 percent of respondents said security defects were their greatest concern. This figure remained unchanged year-over-year.

However, the hybrid cloud is making other tasks easier. Respondents indicated that the solution was perfect for applications or functions, such as legacy systems, too complex to run on the public cloud.

"We had looked at hybrid as a bridge to the past," said John Engates, Rackspace CTO, in a statement. "Now we're seeing it as a bridge to the future."

Companies that are looking to get ahead of the curve and their competitors may want to seek out hybrid cloud solutions.

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