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Partner with a recruiter for sourcing success

Great IT is essential to business success. If technology remained inert, it might be easy for employers to build strong teams of IT professionals. But technologies, and IT skills needed to achieve success, are in constant evolution. Thus, the organizations that invest significant time into building a competitive sourcing strategy are better able to keep pace with industry change and consistently attract the top IT talent.

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Key Facts
  • Almost 60 percent of the IT professionals we surveyed said that throughout the job search, they consulted with recruiters the most, followed by friends, colleagues and their networking community
  • Nearly 80 percent of IT professionals say that a top challenge they face during the job search process is knowing exactly what the hiring company’s most important criteria are when considering candidates
  • When asked which IT staff salaries expected a change, more than 40 percent of IT leaders expected salary increases for developers, engineers, project managers and security experts.
  • 87 percent of IT leaders reported that they are likely to source from referrals when searching for candidates