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Effective Succession Management Ensures Continued IT Success

Just as the theatre community relies on understudies to ensure a Broadway show can go on despite the absence of a lead actor, organizations must have a quality succession management program in place to protect against the loss of top IT talent. An effective succession management program recognizes and develops high-potential employees so they are prepared to take on invaluable IT roles. Successful programs offer career advancement opportunities to IT professionals while serving as powerful retention tools for organizations.

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IT Succession Management

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IT Succession Management


Key Facts
  • Only 40 percent of IT professionals think succession management programs are effective—a sobering statement given that two-thirds of IT professionals believe these programs are important to their success
  • Only 51 percent of IT leaders report their organization has a formal succession management program; the remainder either don’t have a plan or don’t know what their organization’s plan is
  • 59 percent of IT professionals do not think the criteria for a high-potential employee is clearly defined by their organization
  • 80 percent of IT leaders and 78 percent of IT professionals report that lack of measurement or evaluation negatively affects the impact of the succession management program