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Upgrading Network Infrastructure for Alcatel-Lucent

Telecommunications | Network Infrastructure Staffing

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Alcatel-Lucent partners with TEKsystems to execute a $200+ million contract to upgrade the voice and data infrastructure of a large university medical center.

Alcatel-Lucent is a global telecommunications company that provides solutions to enable service providers, enterprises and governments worldwide to deliver voice, data and video communication services to end users. Alcatel began working with TEKsystems in 2000 and has remained a valued staffing partner following Alcatel’s acquisitions of Lucent Technologies.

VoIP, Wireless access points, Wireless IP phones, Carrier-class 40 gig backbone, PBX, Data center, Updated switches and routers

In 2006, Alcatel-Lucent was awarded a contract in excess of $200 million with a large university medical center to upgrade its communications infrastructure. The project was slated for 10 years and included upgrades to wired and wireless data infrastructures, as well as the migration of an enterprise telephone system that spanned more than 500 locations. Upgrading this network infrastructure was critical to the end-customer’s plan to bolster its wired and wireless Internet capabilities and eliminate its antiquated phone lines in favor of a new VoIP architecture. Successful execution of this conversion would enable the customer to enjoy cost savings and better quality of services overall.

Our client realized that it could accomplish its deliverables faster and more adeptly if it could augment its existing staff. To achieve this, it needed to locate, screen and contract several different skill sets across multiple locations. As TEKsystems had performed well for this client for several years, its leadership was very impressed with our ability to swiftly fill difficult requirements. This capability, coupled with our national reach and proficiency in the supplying high-quality communications professionals, led the client to partner with TEKsystems on this very large and complex contract. 

Alcatel-Lucent assembled its internal project team by reallocating resources from existing assignments to focus exclusively on this contract. TEKsystems’ first task was to backfill 13 positions left vacant at the client site when these employees shifted away from their core functions to work on the Alcatel-Lucent / TEKsystems project team. Our client also sought to progressively add 60 additional technical resources to support implementation of the project plan and after filling the majority of these positions, TEKsystems was able to help it staff the remaining (and most difficult to fill) 20 roles. These placements were a mix of contract and full-time employees to work out of either the client’s Pittsburgh, Pa. office or in some cases, the end user’s location. The resources placed encompassed a variety of skill sets including project managers, implementation engineers, voice engineers, data engineers, PBX engineers, database collectors and end user trainers.

This team was tasked with supporting the communications needs for thousands of users across 20+ hospitals, 20+ outpatient facilities and more than 400 doctor offices in the U.S. and overseas. For example, within one location there are nine distinct buildings, 1,800 wireless access points, 63 large IDFs with 19,600 data ports and 5,700 voice ports. among other duties performed, these resources staffed the helpdesk for voice communications; aided in the design, planning and implementation of the cutover at each of these locations; as well as provided post-migration support and end-user training. TEKsystems also helped Alcatel-Lucent build two new data centers for the client.

Now in year four of this 10-year project, Alcatel-Lucent has been able to successfully support the demands of this multi-million dollar project and is currently operating on time and within budget. As a result, the end-customer continues to move toward efficiently communicating with healthcare providers, administrators, vendors and patients at unparalleled speed, security and reliability. This ability has led to a drastic improvement in productivity for the customer and a significant improvement in the quality of care provided to its patients. The partnership between Alcatel-Lucent and TEKsystems has proven to yield successful outcomes.

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