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3 ways teksystems uses an automated approach to evaluate an organizations OT/IoT vurnerablilities
black history month post honoring Dr. Mark Dean, Inventor, and computer engineer.
quote and headshot from Plinio Ayala, president and CEO of Per Scholas
Diverse by Design
5 ways to fortify the enterprise to drive successful outcomes
Black History Month feature: Marlon NIchols, Co-fonder, managing partner and venture capitalist at Cross Culture Venture, focused on "curltural investing"
quote from TEKsystems' Kory Patrick
The evolving role of workplace development in 2020
Quote from Nina Harding, chief of global partner programs & strategy at google cloud
What impact will a global pandemic have on the cloud?
Ventech Solutions helps clients scale to new heights of performance and lower consts via ServiceNow. Get the story.
scale icon and text
TEKsystems' tips for building a security-first mindset for the next normal
3 ways to activate inclusion and diversity at your organization
How TEKsystems adapted onboarding and training or the future of work
See how it's done in the latest issue of Version Next Now
2020 State of Digital Transformation Report earns Gold w3 awaaard for creative excellence on the web
Sitecore: How to make the most of your CMS
Microsoft Amplifies creative design production - Get the story
Happy Veterans Day! - image of a child's feed standing ontop of a pair of army boots.
Ricardo Madan, Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council (HITEC) - 2021 Top 100 list
A quote from Jessica McNelley, TEKsystems Executive Director - "Moving the needle on inclusion and diversity for a company our size can honestly feel like a bear..."
Two working professionals having conversations that matter. A quote from I&D director, Franklin Reed written in blue over photo.
two young female professionals having conversations that matter
Innovation at work | Sentera health
"We've invested heavily over the past years to enable our digital transformation, so we reaped the benefits now. Current approach has been to stay the course" - Digital Leader, June 2020
VNN Podcast Looking Up: The Business Perspective
Let's talk: Virtual onboarding | Register today
5 ways employers can support caregivers in the workplace
VNN Looking Up | The Business Perspective
Version Next Now | The Cloud Issue
How to prove your value when working remotely | Woman with headset and laptop working remotely.
Looking Up: The Technology Perspective
Plugging in and propellin facebook forward | One North, A TEKsystems Company
Registration open for the 42 in 40 Pats Run challenge
City sky view with text that reads "What a view."
The bold will not only survive, but thrive, in the digital economy.
Version Next Now | The Cloud Issue
Diverse by Design 2020 Virtual Conference | Oct. 2, 2pm
In 2015 Per Scholas began training and hiring partnership with TEKsystems
TEKsystems presents, Conversations that matter podcast
Version Next Now | The Cloud issue
We stand for inclusion and equality. But there is still so much work to do.
Advocacy powered by analytics
Hear straight from our employees on the impact Conversations That Matter are having on their teams, click here.
conversations that matter podcast by TEKsystems
6 steps to build your personal brand
60% of Baltimore Per Scholas graduates had jobs within a month of graduation
Looking up: The Technology Perspective
Quote from Franklin Reed, Director of Inclusion and Diversity regarding the initative "Conversations that Matter"
create and conquer
donut graph: 90% of per scholas graduates find jobs in technology
Dark cloud imagery with digital overlay and the text " TEKsystems Global Services Earns Google Cloud Premier Partner Status"
Image of father and son laughing together with the text "Transforming lives"
Quote from Ernest Jones, Vice President, North America, Sales and Services Red Hat
TEKsystems' Webinar: Migrate to Modern | Sept. 3, 2020 2-3PM
Technology and data innovations of the fairway, Aug 26 hosted by Teksystems and Talend
TEKsystems Focus Forward: Business Forward
5 Virtual Onboarding Success Factors by TEKsystems
TEKsystems' Top Three DX Goals Post Covid-19
One North | A TEKsystems Company
State of Digital Transformation: Redefining digital business during defining times
DID YOU KNOW? The average time a hiring manager spends reading a resume is six seconds.
Testimonial from 2018 per scholas graduate - "This partnership has changed me, changed my future and changed the trajectory of my family's future." Zobaria Ashraf
African American woman with glasses seated on couch facing colleagues having a conversation
statistic graphic: 120k+ assets produced for leading technoloy and gaming company
Text over graphic background: "TEKsystems' tips for a well-devised data strategy."
statistic graphic: 80% of chatbot inquires resolved without escalation
TEKsystem's Focus Forward
TEKsystems video still showing two individuals checking at a hotel desk with the text "Improved operational efficiency".
"With 87% of Per Scholas students being people of color and 30% being women, we are helping to ensure that future IT career opportunties are accessible to all."
image of busy digital city with the text "In the face of any uncertainty, the value of data is paramount."
TEKsystems' President Jay Alvater speaks about recent Focus Forward inniatives - " Leaning into innovation to focus forward..."
Version Next Now: The Data Issue 2020
4 keys to martech ROI info graphic
Digital transformation quote from Ricardo Madan, TEKsystems Global Services
navy text over green background with white teksystem's logo. "But, personalization isnt a task- it's a philosophy."
"By 2025, 80% of digital marketers will abandon personalization efforts due to lack of clear ROI"
Customer Experience: "The Crown Jewel for Brands"
Digital inclusion and diversity at TEKsystems
The state of digital transformation 2020
Connecting with you customers through content. Photo of an individual from behind dressed in leather jacket and beanie examining content on wall in front of him.
Group of TEKsystems employees enjoying a PRIDE event.
still from video of three young professionals walking through office while talking.
digital transformation stat: "90% of organizations feel they need some type of new talent"
"We believe strongly that a diverse, inclusive workplace enables our team to perform at a higher level. Our diversity and inclusion programs are build into our goal of creating a high-performance team, one of the three pillars of overall company strategy." - Statement from Franklin Reed, TEKsystems Dierctor of I&D
A message from our president on our commitment to change.
white text over a graphic ground. "The gigital revolution is here."
3 keys to digital success info graphic
pile of blue cloth face masks with a white tek logo printed on each mask
text quote from TEKsystems president Jay Alvather regarding the state of digital transformation during covid-19
Per Scholas logo above printed quote from Faith Johnson, TEKsystems VP of Human Resources
image of home office setup featuring a desk positioned by a window with opened laoptop and cup of coffee.
text image: TEKsystems named to 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for managed workplace services
Quote from Martha Jones, United States Army Reservist, currently deployed Senior Business Support Associate at TEKsystems
images of TEKsystems employees at 2019 AWS hackathon
monolith app quote from ricardo madan, technology products & services at TEKsystems
Real-world results from cloud migration
She can & She will | TEKsystems at GHC19
young women in technology collaborating around computer
"There's a reason I'm still at this organization. It embodies the spirit with which I was raised-to value an abundance of diversity" - Rick Madan, TEKsystems
the future is 5g
MESC2019 | Technology and the public sector
Version Next Now Issue 2: The Data Issue
Fourth of July Fireworks
Version Next Now Issue 2 - Data Untangled
Employers, don't fight bias alone
Harold Dibler technology management quote on blue graphic background
Pride at TEKsystems, A diversity of voices
Statistic - 7X faster true-up and closeout processes
Harold Dibler technology management team quote, white text on orange background
"Hiring Heroes" text over american flag backdrop
Veteran in uniform completing application
Men in military camouflage uniform standing in formation
"Full-stack technology solutions" text over digital graphic backdrop
Quote text over orange and pink gradient backdrop
TEKsystems employees at Pats Run 2019 event
Burk Buechler quote "We've entered the user experience awakening in software solutions"
woman wearing plaid shirt types on laptop
TEKsystems employees at Pats Run 2019 start line
navy veteran, sid busch, holding flag at pats run 2019 race
navy veteran sid busch at 2019 Pats Run charity race
white pickup truck with TEKsystems logo
neon "version next now" logo on black background
neon "o" on black background
orange golf ball laser engraved
microphone and headphone icon
sid busch, navy veteran, wearing baseball cap
blue sky with white clouds featuring text - next level partnership
blue sky with white clouds featuring text - NEXT'19
Blue sky with clouds and digital connections
Version Next Now blue abstract energy
Version Next Now issue cover featuring millennial wearing VR goggles
multi color abstract energy
animated 5g city landscape with quote text
overhead power line
Men shaking hands: PerScholas and TEKsystem partnership
windmill horizon with "side by side" text
red shoe print
quote graphic: director of information technology testimonial
statistic graphic: 1 million service desk users supported
quote graphic: in a world driven by continual transformation, change is the only constant
statistic graphic: 500 plus data analytics engagements completed
innovative and scalable testimonial quote from Vice President of IT
woman flexing muscles
teksystems employees in booth at industry event
you've got big plans. let's protect them graphic
RSA conference 2019 Welcome graphic
solving our cybersecurity talent shortage RSA19
70 percent complete graphic
moving to 5g galaxy graphic
5g quote: the promise of 5g will require an enormous effort from both the public and private sector
animated neon man
Ronan Dunne 5g quote
animated 5g city landscape
100 plus projects completed
Vice President, Vision Insurance Provider
Technical DevOps