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As the world lets off the pause button, we’re propelled into what’s next. From organizational agility to empathetic leadership to career transformation, the world of what’s possible just opened wider. We’re sharing perspective, insights and practical advice to help you rebuild, reinvent, reemerge stronger to shift focus forward.

Business Forward

The world has changed. In the face of global disruption, we’re encountering new challenges and learning as we navigate our way forward. Practical innovation will get us there. Read our perspectives and best practices on how to move industries forward.

State of Digital Transformation: Redefining digital business during defining times

The digital revolution is here. Customer expectations have never been higher. Organizations are putting customers at the epicenter and redefining the journey of their digital transformation efforts to push through to a new world of success.

But when a global pandemic collided with digital transformation initiatives, organizations were forced to rethink, retool and reinvent their original technology roadmap for 2020 and beyond. Every tool was pulled out of their digital toolboxes—from cloud, to data analytics, to security, to AI and automation to sustain the business.

In June 2020, we checked back in with technology and business decision-makers to explore how the pandemic impacted digital transformation efforts and how organizations will leverage technology to re-emerge stronger. Data insights and perspectives to help your business shift focus forward.

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Forward Thinking

Talent Forward

Uncertainty is never easy to navigate. One way to own your future? Stay sharp. With in-demand skills that companies need, and industry perspective that sets you apart. Here’s practical, real-world advice that empowers you to advance your career forward.

Mastering the virtual interview

If you’re in the midst of your job search, it’s likely you’ll have to hop on a video conference call at some point during the interviewing process. But you don’t need to be face to face to make a powerful impression—and land the job.

While you’re probably familiar with the basics of how to use video tools to connect with family and friends, there are a few best practices to consider when preparing for a virtual interview to show you’re the right fit for the role.

It’s beyond just turning on a camera or throwing on a tie. From technology prep to environment strategy, we’ve got you covered with key advice to get your head in the game and charge your career forward.

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Forward Thinking

Culture Forward

Working remote, but not alone. Connection has never been more important—to sustain the values that fuel our organizations and lead our teams forward. As we’re defining our new normal, let’s expand the conversation with thoughtful insights on how to come together, unify and own change.

The benefits of virtual ERGs

We all know we’re better together. But at a time when many people are forced to be apart, it’s challenging to know what can help us better connect. One way? Virtual employee resource groups, which can enhance your employees’ experiences with your company and encourage conversations while providing support.

For those who are learning to work from home alone, or feeling alone in a full house, a virtual network can deepen a sense of unity and allow employees to share what they’re going through. And as we all navigate new ways of working, and map our return to “the new normal,” virtual ERGs can be part of the continuity plan.

Near or far, virtual networks are built to carry you into the future as an inclusive approach and can ensure you’re giving voice to diverse experiences—no matter where people are located.

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Forward Thinking

Dynamic times call for dynamic leaders, solutions—and partners. Transformation never plays solo.

Together, let’s rebuild, reinvent, reemerge stronger. Let’s focus forward.