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As the world lets off the pause button, we’re propelled into what’s next. From organizational agility to empathetic leadership to career transformation, the world of what’s possible just opened wider. We’re sharing perspective, insights and practical advice to help you rebuild, reinvent, reemerge stronger to shift focus forward.

Business Forward

The world has changed. In the face of global disruption, we’re encountering new challenges and learning as we navigate our way forward. Practical innovation will get us there. Read our perspectives and best practices on how to move industries forward.

Using AI to automate and reduce tech support costs

We’re all looking to do more, with less. That starts with making smarter decisions with your budgets. Enter AI. As machine learning and chatbots evolve, AI is driving improved efficiency and experience—especially when it comes to tech support.

Anyone who has worked in tech support knows the relatively simple, repetitive requests end up eating up most of analysts’ time and mental energy. Although still at the cutting edge of technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning often make the most sense for solving day-to-day problems.

AI can respond to users and assess problems—and share data analytics and insights that spots patterns that will help your team perform root cause analysis to prevent them. Saving time, and money.

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Forward Thinking

Talent Forward

Uncertainty is never easy to navigate. One way to own your future? Stay sharp. With in-demand skills that companies need, and industry perspective that sets you apart. Here’s practical, real-world advice that empowers you to advance your career forward.

IT consulting may give you an advantage in finding a new job

When life is throwing curveballs left and right, like it is right now, it can be difficult to find the positives. But consider this: In a challenging job market—your skills are still in demand. And, IT consulting may actually help you springboard into a career comeback.

If you’re going it alone in today’s virtual climate, the job search experience can feel wildly inefficient. But working with a recruiter ensures you get a personalized job search to find not just a good job—but one that’s a good fit for you.

You’re more than a resume. Here’s some practical, real-world advice that empowers you to drive your career forward.

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Forward Thinking

Culture Forward

Working remote, but not alone. Connection has never been more important—to sustain the values that fuel our organizations and lead our teams forward. As we’re defining our new normal, let’s expand the conversation with thoughtful insights on how to come together, unify and own change.

Leading with empathy, cultivating resiliency

We’ve been navigating unprecedented times—for months. We’re all feeling fear, anxiety and a loss of normalcy. Human nature tends to look for connections and past information to guide us to the next step. Just know it’s OK to accept that none of us have ever been through anything like this before.

As we move forward, there’s still a lot of uncertainty. As leaders it’s more important than ever to create an empathetic, safe space to help your employees cope.

How can you help your teams stay positive, productive and prioritize health and wellbeing during this time? By leaning into connection, adopting a growth mindset and overcoming adversity.

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Forward Thinking

Dynamic times call for dynamic leaders, solutions—and partners. Transformation never plays solo.

Together, let’s rebuild, reinvent, reemerge stronger. Let’s focus forward.