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Key insights from Adobe Summit 2019

20,000+ current and potential Adobe customers and partners met to connect, share ideas and learn the latest happenings at Adobe Summit 2019. TEKsystems Digital experts weigh in on the latest and greatest from Adobe.

April 8, 2019 | By Jordan Turner

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Ah, Adobe Summit. The ultimate digital experience conference and as Adobe puts it, “where experience makers are born.” Last month, 20,000+ gathered in Vegas for a week-long cram session on Adobe enhancements, exciting new products and digital marketing insights. We’ve asked our TEKsystems Digital experts to sort through their notes and conversations to offer their key takeaways from Adobe Summit 2019 that’ll impact the business, marketers and technologists.

Expanding the digital marketing footprint

Adobe is quickly dominating the customer experience waters. With consumer expectations continuously escalating, it’s critical for B2C and B2B businesses to take control of the end-to-end customer experience. Essentially, empowering enterprises to establish and own their customer relationships. With the acquisition of Magento in May and then Marketo in October, Adobe is expanding their market share within the open commerce and marketing automation realms. Think: targeted account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns, intelligent content repositories, data-driven sales and marketing activities, predictive shopping and personalized omnichannel brand experiences. The list of capabilities goes on and on…

The business impact

Adobe’s suite of products and capabilities will help brands deliver a terrific customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle.

Burk Buechler – Managing Director, TEKsystems Digital

The marketing impact

These acquisitions puts Adobe one step closer to supporting a “commerce everywhere” marketing strategy for their customers by bringing together a community of super savvy campaign marketers and a sophisticated set of digital marketing tools. Adobe has also introduced scads of training videos for practitioners via their Experience League program which will enable customers to take full advantage of the tools. This is a big leap forward for Adobe.

Dan Goldenbaum – Adobe Practice Lead, TEKsystems Digital

The technical impact

As the Magento and Marketo APIs and integration with the Adobe digital marketing suite continue to evolve, marketers will gain the ability to fine-tune their shopping cart and checkout experiences with increased finesse.

Puneet Lamba – Adobe Digital Marketing Lead and AEM Practice Architect, TEKsystems Digital

Advances in content marketing

Arm in arm with owning customer relationships is getting content to market faster and creating the personalized experiences users have come to expect. Adobe’s solution? Enhancing their Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) product to include content management and digital asset management within one system. This provides the agility and flexibility needed to create experiences with tools that shorten time to market and are easy to use. Amongst AEM improvements is the AI-powered Adobe Sensei, which can “recognize the content and color scheme of a selected asset and surface similar assets stored in the DAM.” The tagging, layout and segmentation of content can be done manually, automated via Adobe Sensei or a mix of both. Our experts dig in:

The business impact

A company’s effectiveness at creating, sharing and deploying creative digital assets—with AI—will have a direct impact on creating truly compelling customer experiences at scale.


The marketing impact

Sensei has potential to revolutionize asset management and content selection. As AI evolves so will the number of ways Adobe can leverage this technology in the digital marketing workflow.


The technical impact

It should be noted that certain cloud subscriptions to Adobe Sensei and Adobe Stock will be required to take full advantage of some of the AI features.


The technical stuff

There must be a direct correlation between a page loading fast and your mood for the rest of the day. Simply put, high-performing web pages equal happy (non-distracted) users and potential customers. Single-page applications solve this problem and Adobe has enhanced their SPA offering within the Experience Manager product by delivering the ability to “localize and translate content, make in-context edits, and preview those changes.” Say goodbye to minute—which feel like hour—long load times and hello to improved SEO performance and accelerated time to market. Our experts get into the nitty-gritty down below:

The marketing impact

With SPA architecture becoming more and more common on the web, Adobe can now offer front-end developers full flexibility on the interface, and marketers the ability to modify their content without having front-end developers on hand.


The technical impact

The SPA Editor continues to evolve with server-side rendering (SSR) using Node.js added recently to ensure quicker initial page load times and more optimal SEO (subsequent rendering is passed on the client). Getting assets and pages exported as JSON for headless/hybrid consumption continues to mature with options including the Asset HTTP API, Content Services and Custom Sling Model Exporter (for complex scenarios).


Burk BuechlerManaging Director, TEKsystems Digital
A dynamic leader with over 25 years of experience across industries and sectors, Burk brings a distinctive blend of innovation, leadership and problem-solving expertise.

Dan GoldenbaumAdobe Practice Lead, TEKsystems Digital
Dan brings nearly 15 years of agency experience leading content management system implementations for well-known brands. With a background in software development and martech consulting, Dan brings a pragmatic approach to solving real-world digital marketing problems.

Puneet LambaAdobe Digital Marketing Lead and AEM Practice Architect, TEKsystems Digital
With more than 25 years of experience, Puneet has managed and delivered web and digital marketing implementations for numerous clients. He specializes in Adobe’s digital marketing suite of products and holds Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) AEM6 Architect and AEM6 Business Practitioner certifications.

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