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A Story of Owning Change

Agile project Transformation

Transforming customer engagement within New South Wales public sector


Responsible for setting the strategic direction and guiding an extended network of public and private service delivery agencies, this public transport agency delivers various programmes to enable safe and efficient transport across 22,000km of roads and more than five million customers.

The proposition:A one-stop shop

Following major government reform, a new ‘whole of government’ service centre was created to deliver improved, one-stop-shop services for more than five million customers—everything from transport services, housing and property, medical and licensing to life-event certification.

A core information stakeholder, our client was tapped to support the sweeping technology services needed to power the service centre’s new business operations. From the provisioning of various web portals and payment gateways, APIs, infrastructure and data migration to shop-front refurbishments and fit-outs to support the service centre’s new brand, the work was expansive.

This type of initiative had never been undertaken before within Australia and would require a large influx of project-based talent to support the vast programme deliverables. We were ready to help our client tackle the team build-out head on.

Our proposal:Solving complexity with scalability

Our client needed a flexible and scalable talent solution that could adapt to the programme’s needs and the mobility to transfer talent between projects as work evolved.

The complexity of the programme demanded expert talent across a range of roles, including project management, business analysis, change management and architecture disciplines. Considerations regarding the project milestones, volume of resources required at different stages of the project and availability of skills within the market were also key areas of focus in our solution.

Our strong understanding of the programme milestones and ongoing supply and demand reviews enabled us to source highly skilled talent ahead of upcoming programme needs. As each requirement was released, the talent needed to support it was already sourced, prequalified and ready to get to work. With a focus on building efficiencies around onboarding, we ensured programme milestones were met as scheduled. Partnership that never misses a beat.

Real-world Results

Through our partnership, our client was able to rise to meet the service centre’s key deliverable milestones on time and on budget. In total, we provided 35 project-based resources to the client to support the transformation and establishment of the new customer service centre.

To ensure talent was working at peak performance, we conducted ongoing performance management checks, including formal reviews with both the manager and the team member at key milestones. This helped keep work on track and the development engine humming.

Over 1,000 transactions are now mapped to the new business architecture, and the centre is thriving in its role as a ‘one-stop shop’ for government services. Earning a 97% customer satisfaction rating from over nine million transactions each year, the service centre has transformed customer engagement in the public sector.

Our strong partnership didn’t stop when this project ended. Our client trusted us with supporting a number of additional high-profile programmes of work, like an ERP consolidation programme across the entire government transport cluster; legislation changes and reform for heavy vehicle and tolling systems; and a major infrastructure services programme for the consolidation and outsourcing of all EUC, network infrastructure and data centre environments.

With an ever-focused eye on innovation—and having built a deep relationship rooted in trust with both the programme office and the senior leadership team—we’re mutually committed to partnership into the future.


  • Solution Architects
  • Infrastructure Project Managers
  • Applications Project Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Network Architects
  • PMO Managers
  • Applications Analysts

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