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Cloud Enablement

Claim the future

Multiplying complexity, meet exponential opportunity. New technologies have spurred a golden age of innovation, but established enterprises must shed legacy technology constraints to keep—and set—the pace.

How do you gain momentum in the disruption game? By moving to the cloud faster. You’ll need smart strategy and implementation firepower, plus a clear vision of your business goals. We can help with all of it. We’ll galvanize your cloud adoption, so you can reap the rewards of innovation.

Cloud, without the hype

You don’t need a cloud-first strategy, you need a cloud-smart strategy. Key platform decisions, countless configuration options and far-reaching technology implications make adoption a tricky road. A partner with a full-stack perspective can help you gauge the landscape and avoid pitfalls. We have deep experience in cloud, and beyond, from applications to networks to security. And because complexity demands flexibility, we won’t try to box you into a rigid delivery model. The outcome? A custom cloud that breathes new agility into your business.


successful cloud, application rearchitecture and DevOps automation projects completed


AWS and Azure servers deployed


on-premise workloads migrated to the cloud

Strategy and Architecture

Cloud adoption can help you overcome complexity—but first you have to face complexity head-on. Need guidance? We can jump in to create your roadmap or figure out how much your cloud move will cost. Our iterative and flexible approach helps you get what you need, without getting stuck in a planning rut. Let’s build a cloud stack that lets you run at full velocity.

  • Roadmap
  • Platform validation
  • Security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Application rationalization

Cloud Build, Migration and Development

Get niche-provider attention with big-box scale. We have technology depth in-house and execution breadth at our fingertips. Fueled by North America’s largest IT staffing engine, we engage the brightest talent to deliver where you are, and in whatever form you need.

  • Build, provisioning and remediation
  • Vulnerability and threat mitigation
  • Disaster recovery
  • Application migration
  • Application refactoring and replatforming

Managed Cloud

Streamline your operations. We can manage and support your cloud applications, infrastructure and platform 24×7. Responsibility never sleeps, but you can.

DevOps and Automation

How you win: apps that scale with demand and pivot to expectations. DevOps and automation are catalysts for activating your cloud potential. They’ll help you release frequently, so you can deliver valuable changes to your customers as soon as they’re ready—and use real feedback to enhance your apps. Faster release cycles mean happier customers and more revenue, but it takes a streamlined organization and tech stack to achieve that momentum. With a focus on organizational elasticity and technical efficiencies, our DevOps expertise can help you reinvent your business for speed and agility.

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Application Transformation

Build resiliency and speed by updating your applications for the cloud. Whether you’re looking for microservices or container architecture, cloud-native development or a partner to replatform or rearchitect your legacy applications, we’re here to deliver what you need—quickly and reliably. Our projects are led by applications experts and bolstered by centers of excellence across five on-shore and off-shore delivery centers, and we use an agile approach honed over 30 years of applications development. Shed the deadweight and move faster.

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REAL ROI: 60% decrease in provisioning time for new builds delivered to a client.

Solutions That Scale

Advising to outsourcing to talent. Our delivery isn’t off-the-shelf, it’s unique to you.

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