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A Story of Owning Change

Digital Product development leads to enhanced customer journey

Team of digital and banking experts develop three new digital wealth management products to enhance the customer journey.


Months to document and release Time Deposits digital product journey


Further product journeys released within a period of 6-months for Stock Trading

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Our client, a leading global bank, wanted to expand to a larger international customer base and become the leading wealth manager.

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The challenge: Customer Attraction and Retention

Our client had set a corporate growth goal of 10% for the year, pushing their wealth business to act quickly. A key objective was the creation of new digital journeys to attract and retain customers.

This was a challenge for the client as there were no existing internal teams to deliver the project. Enter TEKsystems. We were engaged to bridge the skill gaps and help deliver on three product journeys within The Foreign Exchange Market (FX), Time Deposits and Stock Trading, supporting the wider digital programmes for the wealth business.

Our proposal: A Targeted Approach

Utilising our extensive network of consultants, TEKsystems deployed a team of experts with strong digital and banking sector experience. We provided the client with an analysis of the competitive landscape and identified which product journeys needed to be prioritised to target wealth customers and win market share.

The team assisted the client in removing legacy 2G platforms, helping to provide a seamless user experience which is more intuitive and user friendly. Our Digital Analysts advised the client of various innovative solutions being utilised across the market, helping to implement the best option for the client by identifying the requirements and documenting the user journeys and stakeholder management.

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Real-world Results

TEKsystems’ team of consultants were able to document and release the Time Deposits digital product journey in a period of eight months. This helped the client stay on track to achieve:

  • An enhanced deposit proposition to go digital and uplift migration
  • A portfolio incremental growth of 4%
  • A 10% increase in time deposits due to channel migration
  • A significant increase in customer experience and loyalty due to timely rewards

Further to the Time Deposits product, our teams built two further journeys for our clients Stock Trading application, releasing both within six months.