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A Story of Owning Change

A scrum team, unified

Improving customer experiences through Agile digital transformation


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OWNING CHANGE IN Financial Services

With over 150 years of presence in the world markets, this leading financial services firm continuously drives investment, trade and creation of wealth across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, while ensuring it provides services guided by values expressed in its brand promise. Locally, the firm is one of Hong Kong SAR’s three note-issuing banks today.

The proposition:Cross-market agility

The firm’s Singapore-based Agile transformation lead was charged with building an Agile digital transformation team for their wealth and private banking projects across Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Each team would be composed of seven to eight people responsible for developing greenfield projects—like mobile and web applications—that would shape next-level customer experiences and fuel business efficiency.

Having already activated the Singapore-based Scrum team, the momentum continued across the sea to Hong Kong. With nearly 50% of the firm’s wealth and private banking revenue generated from Hong Kong, they needed a dynamic, technology-minded group that could ensure the Scrum teams in each location operated as one. A unified Agile development engine.

Our proposal:A perfect match

After working closely with key stakeholders across Hong Kong and Singapore to understand their holistic vision, we got to work. Leveraging our extensive network of talent across the financial services industry, we found the best Scrum resources in the market to build an Agile development powerhouse.

Aligning to the firm’s cultural identity and future transformation growth plans was essential. We conducted several screening activities before presenting potential team members to the firm for consideration—ensuring we presented the right talent, the first time.

Real-world Results

After two months of collaboration and partnership, the Scrum team was set. Seven high-quality resources, comprising a Scrum Master, five product engineers and an Agile coach, were primed and ready to activate the firm’s Agile digital transformation vision. With a clear course charted, they immediately got to work on future-forward development projects that would not only drive business revenues across Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong, but deliver enhanced experiences for their valued customers.


  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Engineers
  • Agile Coaches

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